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Roulettes (ref Five Orleans) – The Way You Carry On/ You Don’t Care Anymore, ’57 (Ebb 124X)

  • Scans were found.

Note:  From the info found, it appears this release was possibly promo only and mis-credited to The Roulettes while the group on the disc was The Five Orleans.

  • Some copies had stickers with the “Five Orleans” name put over the label titles.
    • In the case of this copy, a former owner corrected the mis-label.


as Five Orleans – The Way You Carry On, ’57 (Ebb 124X)

as Five Orleans – You Don’t Care Anymore, ’57 (Ebb 124X)

  • A scan for ‘The Way You Carry On’ looks like a demo or working title.
  • No scan was found for the B-side.


as 5 Orleans – The Way You Carry On (ACE CD 524)

  • In an outline of a few Ebb artists, makes reference to ACE CD 524.
    • Following their link to that page finds, ‘The Way You Carry On’ is listed #8 and credited as the 5 Orleans.


Roulettes (Lower Manhattan) – I See A Star (Lead Lillie Acosta)/ Come On Baby, ’58 (Champ 102)


The Singing Roulettes (Lower Manhattan) (Lead Lillie Acosta) – Hasten Jason/ Wouldn’t Be Goin [sic] Steady, ’59 (Scepter 1204)


Note: See for comments on Lillie Acosta.


Yvonne Carroll & The Roulettes-Female – Gee What A Guy/ Stuck On You, ’63 (Domain 1018)


Roulettes (England) – Can You Go/ Soon You’ll Be Leaving Me, ’64 (United Artists 718)

Adam Faith (w The Roulettes (England)) – It’s Alright/ I Just Don’t Know, ’64 (Amy 913)


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