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Roulettes (Los Angeles Label) – The Way You Carry On/ You Don’t Care Anymore, ’57 (Ebb 124X) (Scans were found.)



From what info I could find, it appears this release was possibly promo only and mis-credited to The Roulettes while the group on the disc was The Five Orleans. Some copies had stickers with the “Five Orleans” name put over the label titles. In the case of this copy, a former owner corrected the mis-label.


as Five Orleans – The Way You Carry On, ’57 (Ebb 124X) (Label scan looks like a demo or working title.)

as Five Orleans – You Don’t Care Anymore, ’57 (Ebb 124X) (No scan found.)


as 5 Orleans – The Way You Carry On (ACE CD 524) (Label CD listed (#8 ‘The Way You Carry On’) as 5 Orleans.)



Roulettes (Lower Manhattan) – I See A Star (Lead Lillie Acosta)/ Come On Baby, ’58 (Champ 102)

The Singing Roulettes (Lower Manhattan) (Lead Lillie Acosta) – Hasten Jason/ Wouldn’t Be Goin [sic] Steady, ’59 (Scepter 1204)

(Go to for comment on Lillie Acosta.)



Yvonne Carroll & The Roulettes-Female – Gee What A Guy/ Stuck On You, ’63 (Domain 1018)



Roulettes (England) – Can You Go/ Soon You’ll Be Leaving Me, ’64 (United Artists 718)

Adam Faith (w The Roulettes (England)) – It’s Alright/ I Just Don’t Know, ’64 (Amy 913)


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