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Scans supporting Roomates titles also issued as Roommates are noted at the end of the entry posting.  Titles only issued as ‘Roommates’ follow the Roomates section.  Changes/corrections to the post are welcome.



– I Want A Little Girl/ Making Believe, ’60 (Promo 2211)

– Glory Of Love, ’61 (Valmor 008) (1-sided hit.  Also as Roommates.)

– Glory Of Love/ Never Knew, ’61 (Valmor 008)

– Band Of Gold/ O Baby Love, ’61 (Valmor 010) (Also as Roommates.)

– My Foolish Heart/ My Kisses For Your Thoughts, ’61 (Valmor 013)

– One Summer Night, ’61 (Valmor LP 789 B2 & Valmor LP 78 B2, ’62)

– Come Go With Me, ’61 (Valmor LP 789 B5 & Valmor LP 78 B5, ’62)

– To The Aisle, ’61 (Valmor LP 789 B6, Valmor LP 78 B6, ’62 & Relic LP 5041, ’84 B5)

– The Nearness Of You/ Please Don’t Cheat On Me, ’63 (Philips 40153) (Book additional listing on #40161 for these sides is an error.  #40161 is by Jimmy Clanton.)

– My Heart, ’64 (Canadian American 166) (1-sided promo.)

– My Heart/ Just For Tonight, ’64 (Canadian American 166) (The group moved to Canadian American in 1963-1964.)


Roomates – Relic LP 5041 1984 (Listed songs from the book are underscored.)

Side A: Please Don’t Cheat On Me, My Heart Belongs To Only You, Band Of Gold, Sunday Kind Of Love, Gee, My Foolish Heart, My Heart, Making Believe.

Side B: Glory Of Love, The Nearness Of You, Yes My Love, A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening, To The Aisle, I Want A Little Girl, Song Of The Dreamer, Oh Baby Love, The Only Girl For Me.

(These titles were listed in error on Relic LP 5041: Come Go With Me, One Summer Night and There Goes My Heart)


Roomates as Roommates

– Sunday Kind Of Love/ A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening, ’62 (Cameo 233)

– Answer Me, My Love/ Gee, ’63 (Philips 40105)

– Someone To Watch Over Me, ’64 (Canadian American Unreleased & Canadian American 215-re-issue) (Flip – ‘My Heart’)



Cathy Jean (& Charley Macey on guitar) – Canadian Sunset (No Group) {I}, ’60 (Valmor 007)

Cathy Jean & The Roomates – Please Love Me Forever, ’60 (Valmor 007) (Also as Cathy Jean & The Roommates.)


Cathy Jean

– Make Me Smile Again/ Sugar Cake, ’61 (Valmor 009)

– I Only Want You/ One Love, ’61 (Valmor 011)

– Turn Me Loose, ’61 (Valmor LP 789 A3 & Valmor LP 78 A3, ’62)

– There Goes My Heart, ’61 (Valmor LP 789 A6 & Valmor LP 78 A6, ’62)

– Please Tell Me/ Sugar Cake, ’62 (Valmor 016) (No scans found.)

– Believe Me/ Double Trouble, ’62 (Philips 40143)

– My Heart Belongs To Only You/ I Only Want You, ’63 (Philips 40106)


Cathy Jean (Ruiz) & The Roomates (New Group) – You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me/ It’s So Hard, ’91 (Cure 91-02801)



Roomates (Unknown Group) (ref Nick Cardell & Artie Loria) – A Place Called Love/ Knowing You, ’84 (Ban 691)


Roommates (Kapp Group) (Dick Dixon & The) – Be Good, Be Good, Be Good/ The Caterpillar Crawl {I}, ’59 (Kapp 292)


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