Rookies Groups

The book listed the following doowop/rockabilly songs by Joe Perkins/Rookies.

Rookies (Nashville) (Joe Perkins & The)

– Time Alone Will Tell/ Ain’t You Glad Nature Did It, ’57 (King 5005) (Scans found.)

– A New Feeling/ How Much Love Can One Heart Hold, ’57 (King 5030) (There is also a bootleg/repo scan for the b-side as ‘How Much Love Can One Love Hold.’)



Freddie Carpenter (Nashville) (& The Rookies) – Money, Money, Money/ Take Me Back Lover, ’58 (Athens 705) (Not in book.  Group is credited on label.)


Freddie Carpenter (Nashville) – Money, Money Money [sic]/ Take Me Back Lover, ’58 (East West 112) (There are no group credits on the East West scan.)



Rookies (Hollywood) – Blabbermouth/ Penalty, ’59 (Donna 1313)


Rookies (Hollywood) as Fantastics (Hollywood) – Blabbermouth/ The Penalty, ’59 (Donna 1313)


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