Rondells, Ron-Dells, Ron-Dels & Rondels

Rondells (Canada) (With Ned Jr) (Vocal by Percy Giles) – Dreamy/ Good Good, ’58 (Carlton 467)


Ron-Dells (Philadelphia Label) – I’ll Be Gone/ Slow Down (Give Me A Little Lovin’), ’63 (Arlen 723)

  • Scans for ‘Arlen’ credit group as Ron-Dells and mentions (Recorded at C Herrings Studios).
  • Oz music site lists as ‘Rondells’ and a label scan of Go 5012 is as ‘Rondells.’
    • ‘Go 5012’ is dated 1965 but it is unknown if this is a re-issue.
    • A 1966 live performance video has a drum shot of ‘Rondells’ as the group spelling.


Ron-Dels (Fort Worth TX) – Matilda/ Tina, ’63 (Shalimar 104 & Dot 17323, ’70)

  • All scans found were as Ron-Dels.


Ron-Dels (Fort Worth TX) (ref Delbert McClinton) – If You Really Want Me To, I’ll Go/ Walk About, ’65 (Brownfield 18 & Smash 1986)


Rondels (Boston) – Satan’s Theme {I}/ My Prayer {I}, ’61 (Amy 830)

Rondels (Boston) – My Prayer {I}, ’66 (Relic LP 104 B04) 

  • Book lists this instrumental group as as ‘Rondells.


Rondels (NJ Label) – Oh Baby (Recorded 1961)/ Be Mine (Recorded 1961), ’81 (Clifton 58)


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