Ron Holden

Ron Holden With The Thunderbirds (Hollywood)

– Love You So/ My Babe, ’59 (Donna 1315 & Nite Owl 10)

– True Love Can Be/ Everything’s Gonna Be Alright, ’60 (Donna 1328)


Ron Holden  

– Gee But I’m Lonesome/ Susie Jane, ’60 (Donna 1324)

– Let No One Tell You/ The Big Shoe, ’61 (Donna 1335)


Ron Holden – Your Line Is Busy, ’60 (Donna 1331)

Ron Holden (w The Thunderbirds) – Who Say [sic] There Ain’t No Santa Claus, ’60 (Donna 1331)


as Rosie & Ron error – So Dearly/ Bring Me Happiness, ’61 (Donna 1338)

  • The book followed the assumption that  Rosie & Ron were Rosie Hamlin (Rosie & The Originals) and Ron Holden.
  • Label scans as Rosie & Ron (Music by The Velveteens).


Note:, indicates that Rosie & Ron are Lucy Duran and Ralph Valdez.


Ron Holden (w the Masked Phantoms Band) – I’ll Be Happy/ I’ll Always Have You, ’61 (Eldo 117)

  • Book listed as ‘With The Thunderbirds.’


Ron Holden & The Twiliters (Calif) – Ya Got That Lovin’ Touch/ Things Don’t Happen That Way, ’62 (Baronet 3)

  • Scans found for Baronet 3.

Note:  Both titles appear on Baronet Best Of CD as Ron Holden & The Twilighters.


Ron Holden (& Group) – Lover’s Never Say Goodbye/ Sea Of Love, ’69 (VMC 748)


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