Romeos Groups

Jumping Jacks became Romeos (North Carolina) 

– Love Me/ I Beg You Please, ’54 (Apollo 461)

– Love Me, ’89 (Relic LP 5078 (2-5))

– Somebody’s Been Plowing My Mule, ’89 (Relic LP 5078 (2-6))

– Oh Baby Oh, ’89 (Relic LP 5078 (2-7))

– I Beg You Please, ’89 (Relic LP 5078 (2-8))


The book listed Rags/Doctor Velvet on Apollo 466 asby the Romeos.  Many comps credit Rags to the Romeos and Doctor Velvet to the Nite Riders.  After listening to both songs and both groups, the determinations would be that both songs were done by the Nite Riders.  The Romeos and Nite Riders are distinct from each other.



Romeos (Detroit) – Fine Fine Baby/ Moments To Remember You By, ’57 (Atco 6107)

Romeos (Detroit) (w the band of George Braxton) – Gone Gone Get Away/ Let’s Be Partners, ’57 (Fox 748-749)

Romeos (Detroit) (w the band of Lucky Lee) – Fine Fine Baby/ Moments To Remember, ’57 (Fox 845-846)



Romeos (NY)

– Julie/ I’m Gonna Rebuild This World, ’63 (Felsted 8672)

The book listed as Group (3).  Felsted 8672 is a young group.


Romeos (NY) error: – Two Innocent Lovers/ Lovemobile, ’59 (Felsted 8528) (Title and artist correction.  Both sides credited to Charles Francis Scarratt III.)



Romeos (Manhattan NY) (Jimmy & The) – Kathy/ Lunalei, ’60 (Southside 1003)



Romeos (Bell Subsidiary) – The Tiger’s Wide Awake (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)/ Hitch-Hikin, ’62 (Amy 840) (ref: Keller/Colber.)



Romeos (Philadelphia) (Kenny Gamble & The) – Ain’t It Baby/ Ain’t It Baby {I}, ’65 (Arctic 114)



Romeos (Hollywood) – Precious Memories/ Juicy Lucy, ’67 (Mark II 101) {I} (Hollywood Label but not imprinted.)


Romeos (Hollywood) (& Magnificent Montague) – Searching/ A Tear And A Smile {I}, ’67 (Mark II 103) (‘Searching’ may also be {I}.  Hollywood is imprinted on label.)


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