Romans Groups

Romans (East Haven Connecticut) – Honey Love/ Why Can’t This Be So, ’56 (Haven 111)

  • The group cut one more record for Haven.  The titles are unknown.


As/youtube the gms are: Joe Apuzzo, Chick Ciccolallo. Chick Leone & Tony Leone.


Romans (Hollywood Calif) – Wild Ideas/ Uh Huh, ’58 (MMI 1238)


Romans (Juno Group) – The Cat’s Meow/ You Are My Only Love, ’58 (Juno 013-014)


Frankie Valle & The Romans (NJ) – Real (This Is Real), ’59 (Cindy 3012)

The Romans (NJ) – Come Si Bella, ’59 (Cindy 3012)


Note:  The consistent member through the Cubans and Upfronts is Davie ‘Little Caesar’ Johnson.


Romans (LA) (Little Caesar & The) – Those Oldies But Goodies (Remind Me Of You) (2.58), ’61 (Del-Fi 4158)

The Romans – She Don’t Wanna (Dance No More), ’61 (Del-Fi 4158)


as Caesar & The Romans – Those Oldies But Goodies (Remind Me Of You), ’61 (Del-Fi 4158)

  • Not listed in the book.
  • There is no time stamp on the scan.
  • The scan and information under this artist name is rare.


Romans (LA) (Little Caesar & The) – Those Oldies But Goodies (Remind Me Of You)/  Fever, ’61 (Del-Fi 4158)

  • No scans found for this combination of titles.
  • The listing might be a book error.


Romans (LA) (Little Caesar & The)

– Hully Gully Again/ Frankie And Johnnie, ’61 (Del-Fi 4164)

– Memories Of Those Oldies But Goodies/ Fever, ’61 (Del-Fi 4166)

– Ten Commandments Of Love/ CC Rider, ’61 (Del-Fi 4170)

– Popeye One More Time/ Yoyo Yo Yoyo, ’61 (Del-Fi 4177)


Romans (LA) (Little Caesar & The) – Del-Fi LP 1218 1961 (Titles listed in the book are underlined.)

Side 1: Those Oldies But Goodies (Reminds [sic] Me Of You), I Need You So, Ten Commandments Of Love, Little Star, Adorable, Memories Of Those Oldies But Goodies.

Side 2:  Hully Gully Again, Work With Me Annie/Annie Had A Baby, Searchin’, Fever, CC Rider.


as Ceasar [sic] & The Romans – We Belong Together/ Disco Hully Gully, ’77 (Essar 7803)


as Cubans

– Tell Me (Will You Ever Be Mine)/ You’ve Been Gone So Long, ’58 (Flash 133)

  • Both titles are also on Flash LP 5049.

– Don’t Go Baby (B6)/ Oh Miss Dolly (B8), ’58 (Flash LP 5049)


as Upfronts (Zeke Strong’s Combo) – Benny Lou And The Lion/ It Took Time, ’60 (Lummtone 103)

  • The book lists the A-side as Betty Lou.
  • Label confirms title is Benny Lou.


as Upfronts – Too Far To Turn Around/ Married Jive, ’60 (Lummtone 104)

  • The book lists #104 as a Romans-Little Caesar/Upfronts release.
  • Other sources remain unsure if this is Romans-Little Caesar or the Barry White group.
  • Writing credits are Floyd Bryant/ L Fowler respectively.


Romans (Toledo Ohio) (Caeser & The) – Your True Love/ Let The Four Winds Blow, 64 (Hi-Note 602)

  • Label spells as Caeser.


as Caeser [sic] & His Romans (Buffalo NY) – Green Grass Makes It Better/ Why Make A Fool Of Me, ’67 (GJM 505)


Romans (Buffalo NY) (Caesar & His) – Baby Let’s Wait/ Black Lantern, ’68 (GJM 9000)


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