Rockers Groups

Rockers (Linden NJ Label) (Paul Winley & The) – My Confession/ Angel Child, ’55 (Premium 401)



Rockers (Carter) (w Emmett Carter Combo) – Tell Me Why/ Count Every Star, ’54 (Carter 3029)

(As/sources, the label ‘Carter’ was from St. Louis, Missouri and owned by Emmett A Carter.)



Rockers (St Louis MO) (w Ike Turner’s Kings Of Rhythm-uncredited)

– What Am I To Do/ I’ll Die In Love With You, ’56 (Federal 12267)

– Down In The Bottom/ Why Don’t You Believe, ’56 (Federal 12273)



Jimmy Beasley & The Rockers (Kansas City) – Johnny’s House Party – (Pt I) {I}/ Johnny’s House Party – (Pt II) {I}/, ’57 (Modern 1021) (Cover of original John Heartsman Music City 807 release.  Book listed as Rockets (3))



Randells formerly Rockers (Elizabeth NJ) (Rick Randle & The) – That Day, ’58 (Arc 4445)

Randells formerly Rockers (Elizabeth NJ) (Rick & The) – I’m Hurt, ’58 (Arc 4445)



Rockin’ Bradley & The Rockers (NY) – She’s Mine Not Yours/ Loomy, ’58 (Hull 729)

There is a problem with the label #, titles and/or artist credit.  #729 is listed on discographies as ‘Help Me Make It Through The Night’ without a flip or a supporting scan.  Neither title appear on Hull singles discographies.  The A-Side surfaces on a Hull LP as “Rockin’ (Desires) Bradley & The Rockers.”  Loomy appears on a Crystal Ball Vol #4 as Rockin’ Bradly [sic] & The Desires.  One issue by Rockin’ Bradley is ‘Lookout/I Have News For You on Fire 1007 dated 1959 without a BB credit.  Further information is needed on the Hull release.


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