Robins (West Coast) (Notes & Associations)

For a complete biography and discography of the West Coast Robins, check out one of the many historians who have done this group at length.  This post notes only the differences between these well-researched sites and the entries listed in the Complete Book of Doo Wop.  Label scans were used for accuracy.


Book listed under Four Bluebirds

Johnny Otis & Orchestra (ft The Four Bluebirds) (Vocal 4 Bluebirds) – My Baby Done Told Me, ’49 (Excelsior 540) (The Four Bluebirds name was used for the first Robins recording.)

Johnny Otis & Orchestra (Vocal; Lem Tally Darby Hicks) – Court Room Blues, ’49 (Excelsior 540)



The following were listed under the Robins and scan as follows:

Johnny Otis Orchestra (Vocal by Mel Walker & The Bluenotes) – Cry Baby, ’50 (Regent 1016)

Johnny Otis Quintette (Vocal by Devonia (Williams)) – I’m Not Falling In Love With You, ’50 (Regent 1016)


Johnny Otis & Orchestra (Vocals by The Robins) – Turkey Hop, Part 1, ’50 (Savoy 732)

Johnny Otis Orchestra – Turkey Hop, Part 2 {I}, ’50 (Savoy 732)


Johnny Otis Quintette (Vocals by The Robins & Little Esther) – Double Crossing Blues, ’50 (Savoy 731) (There are different pressings with different artist credits and flips.  One other is ‘Little Esther & The Robins (Johnny Otis Quintette’.)

Leon Sims (w Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’, ’50 (Savoy 731)

The Beale St Gang – Back Alley Blues, ’50 (Savoy 731) (Another pressing credits ‘Milton Buckner & His Beale St Gang’)


Little Esther (w Mel Walker) (Acc The Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Mistrustin’ Blues, ’50 (Savoy 735)

Little Esther (w The Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Misery, ’50 (Savoy 735)


Little Esther & Mel Walker (w Johnny Otis Orch) – Deceivin’ Blues, ’50 (Savoy 759)

Little Esther (w Johnny Otis Orch) – Lost Dream Blues, ’50 (Savoy 759)



Book listed under Bobby Nunn (BB The Robins). BB is uncredited and not listed on the Robins discographies.

Little Esther – Mainliner, ’52 (Federal 12100) (Also listed under Little Esther.)

Little Esther & Bobby Nunn – Saturday Night Daddy, ’52 (Federal 12100) (Also listed under Little Esther.)


Little Esther – Street Lights, ’53 (Federal 12122)

Little Esther & Bobby Nunn – You Took My Love Too Fast, ’53 (Federal 12122)



Robins (West Coast) as Robbins

– Rockin’/ That’s What The Good Book Says, ’51 (Modern 807)

– Key To My Heart/ All I Do Is Rock, ’54 (Crown 120)


Robins (West Coast) – I Made A Vow/ Double Crossin Baby, ’54 (Crown 106) (Book listed as Robbins.)



Robins (West Coast) as Drifters – The World Is Changing/ Sacroiliac Swing, ’54 (Crown 108) (Book listed under Drifters group.)


Robins (West Coast) as Maggie Hathaway (With The Robins & 2 Sharps & A Natural) – Bayou Baby Blues, ’50 (Recorded In Hollywood 112)

Robins (West Coast) as Robins & 2 Sharps and A Natural – Race Of Man, ’50 (Recorded In Hollywood 112) (Lead is reported to be Billy Richard & Bobby Nunn.)


Robins (West Coast) as Maggie Hathaway (With The Robins & 2 Sharps And A Natural) – A Falling Star/ When Gabriel Blows His Horn, ’51 (Recorded In Hollywood 121)


Robins (West Coast) – Riot in Cell Block #9, ’54 (Spark 103) (Lead Richard Berry)

Robins (West Coast) – Wrap It Up, ’54 (Spark 103) (Lead Carl Gardner)



Robins (West Coast-Unverified) – Baby Love/ We Loved, ’61 (Gone 5101) (One source named the group members as HB Barnum, Charles Gardner, Ronald Barrett & Marvin Winkins.  Book included with Robins (West Coast) but most sources do not list the Gone issues as part of the group.)



Robins (Oakland CA) (ft Andre Goodwin) – Truble [sic]/ Moving Out, ’61 (Push 764)

(Andre Goodwin was a member of The Oakland Turbans on Money in 1955.  Gms on this release are needed.)


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    Robins And Two Sharps And A Natural – Race Of Man

    Maggie Hathaway With The Robins And Two Sharps And A Natural – A Falling Star

    Maggie Hathaway With The Robins And Two Sharps And A Natural – When Gabriel Blows His Horn

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