Robins (West Coast) (Notes & Associations)

For a complete biography and discography of the West Coast Robins, check out one of the many historians who have done this group at length.

  • This post notes only the differences between these well-researched sites and the entries listed in the Complete Book of Doo Wop.
    • Label scans were used for accuracy.


* Book listed under Four Bluebirds.


Johnny Otis & Orchestra (ft The Four Bluebirds) (Vocal 4 Bluebirds) – My Baby Done Told Me, ’49 (Excelsior 540)

  • The Four Bluebirds name was used for the first Robins recording.

Johnny Otis & Orchestra (Vocal; Lem Tally Darby Hicks) – Court Room Blues, ’49 (Excelsior 540)


* The following were listed under the Robins and scans are as follows:


Johnny Otis Quintette (Vocal by Devonia Williams) – I’m Not Falling In Love With You, ’50 (Regent 1016)

Johnny Otis Orchestra (Vocal by Mel Walker & The Bluenotes) – Cry Baby, ’50 (Regent 1016)


Johnny Otis & Orchestra (Vocals by The Robins) – Turkey Hop, Part 1, ’50 (Savoy 732)

Johnny Otis Orchestra – Turkey Hop, Part 2 {I}, ’50 (Savoy 732)


Johnny Otis Quintette (Vocals by The Robins & Little Esther) – Double Crossing Blues, ’50 (Savoy 731)

  • There are different pressings with different artist credits and flips.
    • One other is ‘Little Esther & The Robins (Johnny Otis Quintette)’.

Leon Sims (w Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’, ’50 (Savoy 731)

The Beale St Gang – Back Alley Blues, ’50 (Savoy 731)

  • Another pressing credits ‘Milton Buckner & His Beale St Gang’.


Little Esther (w Mel Walker) (Acc The Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Mistrustin’ Blues, ’50 (Savoy 735)

Little Esther (w The Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Misery, ’50 (Savoy 735)


Little Esther & Mel Walker (w Johnny Otis Orch) – Deceivin’ Blues, ’50 (Savoy 759)

Little Esther (w Johnny Otis Orch) – Lost Dream Blues, ’50 (Savoy 759)


* Book listed under Bobby Nunn (BB The Robins).

  • BB is uncredited and not listed on the Robins discographies.


Little Esther – Mainliner, ’52 (Federal 12100)

Little Esther & Bobby Nunn – Saturday Night Daddy, ’52 (Federal 12100)

Note:  Both sides also listed under Little Esther.


Little Esther – Street Lights, ’53 (Federal 12122)

Little Esther & Bobby Nunn – You Took My Love Too Fast, ’53 (Federal 12122)


as Robbins

– Rockin’/ That’s What The Good Book Says, ’51 (Modern 807)

– Key To My Heart/ All I Do Is Rock, ’54 (Crown 120)


Robins (West Coast) – I Made A Vow/ Double Crossin Baby, ’54 (Crown 106)

  • Book listed as Robbins.


Robins (West Coast) as Drifters – The World Is Changing/ Sacroiliac Swing, ’54 (Crown 108)

  • The book listed under the Drifters group.


Maggie Hathaway (With The Robins & 2 Sharps & A Natural) – Bayou Baby Blues, ’50 (Recorded In Hollywood 112)

as Robins & 2 Sharps and A Natural – Race Of Man, ’50 (Recorded In Hollywood 112)

  • Lead is reported to be Billy Richard & Bobby Nunn.


as Maggie Hathaway (With The Robins & 2 Sharps And A Natural) – A Falling Star/ When Gabriel Blows His Horn, ’51 (Recorded In Hollywood 121)


Robins (West Coast) (Lead Richard Berry) – Riot in Cell Block #9, ’54 (Spark 103)

Robins (West Coast) (Lead Carl Gardner) – Wrap It Up, ’54 (Spark 103)


Robins (Other Groups?)


Robins (West Coast-Unverified) – Baby Love/ We Loved, ’61 (Gone 5101)

  • Writing Credits for ‘Baby Love’: Redda Robins-J Harris.
  • One source named the group members as: HB Barnum, Charles Gardner, Ronald Barrett & Marvin Winkins.
  • Book included Gone 5101 with Robins (West Coast).
  • Most sources do not list the Gone issues as part of the group’s discography.


Robins (Oakland CA) (ft Andre Goodwin) – Truble [sic]/ Moving Out, ’61 (Push 764)

  • Andre Goodwin was a member of The Oakland Turbans on Money in 1955.


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    Robins And Two Sharps And A Natural – Race Of Man

    Maggie Hathaway With The Robins And Two Sharps And A Natural – A Falling Star

    Maggie Hathaway With The Robins And Two Sharps And A Natural – When Gabriel Blows His Horn

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