Rob-Roys (Norman Fox)

Rob-Roys – Audry, ’57 (Back Beat 501)

Rob-Roys (Norman Fox & The) – Tell Me Why, ’57 (Back Beat 501)


Rob-Roys (Norman Fox & The) – Dance Girl, Dance/ My Dearest One, ’58 (Back Beat 508)


as Norman Fox & The Rob Roys – Dream Girl/ Pizza Pie, ’59 (Capitol 4128)

as Rob Roys (ft Norman Fox) – Pizza Pie/ Dream Girl, ’66 (Hammer 544)


Rob-Roys (Norman Fox & The)

– Lover Doll/ Do-Re-Mi, ’88 (Back Beat 499-Bootleg)

– Lover Doll/ Little Star, ’88 (Back Beat 499-Bootleg)

– Rainy Day Bells/ That’s Love, ’88 (Back Beat 500)

– Tell Me Why/ Dance Girl, Dance (Popular Request 105)


Rob Roys – Capitol LP 1008 (The Roy Roys Meet The Fascinators)

Side Two: Pizza Pie, Dream Girl, My Dearest One, Dance Girl Dance, Audrey, Tell Me Why, Lover Doll, Do-Re-Mi (Stereo), That’s Love.

  • Fascinators are Side One.


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