Rivals Groups

Rivals (Manhattan) – Don’t Say You’re Sorry Again/ Rival Blues, ’50 (Apollo 1166)


Rivals (ref Alfred Gaitwood)

– Rigetty Tick/ I Must See You Again, ’57 (Darryl 722)

Come With Me/ I Must See You Again, ’63 (Junior 990)


as Letha Jones (w TJ Fowler’s Band) (Vocal Group-Rivals) – I Need You/ I Got That Feeling, ’60 (Anna 1113)


Rivals (Detroit) – Make Your Mind Up/ She’s Mine, ’62 (Puff 3911-3912)

  • Writing credits: TJ Fowler-Browner/ TJ Fowler-G Green.


Rivals (Detroit) (w TJ Fowler’s Band) – It’s Gonna Work Out/ Love Me, ’64 (Puff 1001 & Lu Pine 118)

  • Writing credits on both sides: TJ Fowler-G Green.


Rivals (Treyco) – I’ll Never Walk Alone/ Sally, Sally, ’63 (Treyco 401)

  • Writing credits:  The Rivals-Nichols-Place/ J Bowden-Nichols-Place.