Rip Chords (LA)

Rip Chords (LA)

– Ding Dong (Phil Stewart-Lead)/ Karen (Phil Stewart-Lead), ’62 (Columbia 42641-unreleased)

  • The book also lists these titles by the Opposites.
  • The group consisted of Ernie Bringas and Phil Stewart who came to this label as The Opposites and were renamed The Rip Chords.
  • The sides were not released under either group’s name.
  • See my post for The Opposites.

– Here I (Ernie Bringas-Lead)/ Karen (Phil Stewart-Lead), ’63 (Columbia 42687)

– Gone (Ernie Bringas-Lead)/ She Thinks I Still Care (Ernie Bringas-Lead), ’63 (Columbia 42812)

– Hey Little Cobra (Terry Melcher-Lead)/ The Queen (Terry Melcher-Lead), ’63 (Columbia 42921)

– Three Window Coupe (Terry Melcher-Lead)/ Hot Rod USA (Terry Melcher-Lead), ’64 (Columbia 43035)

– One Piece Topless Bathing Suit (Terry Melcher & Ernie Bringas-Lead)/ Wah-Wahini (Terry Melcher-Lead), ’64 (Columbia 43093)


as Ripchords – Don’t Be Scared (Terry Melcher-Lead), ’65 (Columbia 43221)


credited as Ripchords but by studio band know as The Wrecking Crew – Bunny Hill {I}, ’65 (Columbia 43221)


Visit ( site for a complete history of the group.