Rip Chords (LA)

Rip Chords (LA)

– Ding Dong (Phil Stewart-Lead)/ Karen (Phil Stewart-Lead), ’62 (Columbia 42641-unreleased)

(The book also lists these titles by the Opposites.  The group consisted of Ernie Bringas and Phil Stewart who came to this label as The Opposites and were renamed The Rip Chords.  The sides were not released under either group’s name.  See my post for The Opposites.)

– Here I (Ernie Bringas-Lead)/ Karen (Phil Stewart-Lead), ’63 (Columbia 42687)

– Gone (Ernie Bringas-Lead)/ She Thinks I Still Care (Ernie Bringas-Lead), ’63 (Columbia 42812)

– Hey Little Cobra (Terry Melcher-Lead)/ The Queen (Terry Melcher-Lead), ’63 (Columbia 42921)

– Three Window Coupe (Terry Melcher-Lead)/ Hot Rod USA (Terry Melcher-Lead), ’64 (Columbia 43035)

– One Piece Topless Bathing Suit (Terry Melcher & Ernie Bringas-Lead)/ Wah-Wahini (Terry Melcher-Lead), ’64 (Columbia 43093)


Rip Chords (LA) as Ripchords – Don’t Be Scared (Terry Melcher-Lead), ’65 (Columbia 43221)


Rip Chords (LA) credited as Ripchords but by studio band known as The Wrecking Crew – Bunny Hill {I}, ’65 (Columbia 43221)


Visit ( site for a complete history of the group.


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