Ritchie Adams

Ritchie Adams (& Group)

– Lonely One/ Tell Me Baby Did You Wait?, ’60 (Ribbon 6910)

– Back To School/ Don’t Go My Love, Don’t Go, ’60 (Ribbon 6913)

– Two Initials (In A Heart)/ What Took You So Long, ’61 (Beltone 1011)

– I Got Eyes/ Something Inside Of Me Died, ’62 (Imperial 5806)

– Pakistan/ My Prayer Of Love, ’62 (Imperial 5838)

– Are You Changing/ The King, ’64 (Congress 226)

– Slippin’ Away/ What Am I, ’65 (Congress 232)


Ritchie Adams as Richie Adams (& Group)

– No Mistaken’ It (I’m In Love)/ The Right Away [sic], ’61 (Beltone 1001) (As/lyrcs, the b-side title should have been The Right Way.)



The Ribbon and Imperial releases have been added to Ritchie Adams’ discography.  His solo works included additional Congress material and other labels.


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