Richard Berry & Related Groups

Rather than a Richard Berry discography, this post covers his involvement/influence with groups that became lost in the scattered listings in the book.

Richard Berry (Solo)

– I’m Still In Love With You/ One Little Prayer, ’53 (Flair 1016) (No b-side scan.)

– Next Time/Crazy Lover, ’55 (Flair 1071 & Crown LP 5371, ’63)

– I Am Bewildered/ Pretty Brown Eyes, ’56 (RPM 452 & Crown LP 5371, ’63)



Dreamers (LA) (ft Richard Berry) – At Last/ Bye, Bye, ’54 (Flair 1052)

Dreamers (LA) (Richard Berry & The) – Daddy Daddy/ Baby Darling, ’55 (Flair 1058)


Richard Berry & The Dreamers – Together, ’55 (Flair 1075) (Label credits the Dreamers on this side.  The Flip (Jelly Roll) is credited to Richard Berry.  BB was formerly thought to be The Dreamers (LA). BB is Male and is now attributed to The Cadets.  No group is credited on the label.)


Dreamers (LA) – Do Not Forget/ Since You’ve Been Gone, ’56 (Flip 319 & Flip 354, ’61) (Vocals by Jennell Hawkins-uncredited.  No scans for Flip 354.)


Richard Berry (BB Dreamers-uncredited) – Wait For Me/ Good Love, ’56 (RPM 477)


Richard Berry & The Dreamers (LA) – Crown LP 5371, 63 (The underscored titles are with The Dreamers.  The remainder are Richard Berry solos or were backed by the Crowns.)

Side A: Daddy Daddy, Good Love, Next Time, I Am Bewildered, Pretty Brown Eyes.

Side B: Together, Wait For Me, Baby Baby [aka Baby Darling], The Big Break, Please Tell Me.


Richard Berry (BB Crowns (LA)-uncredited)

– What You Do To Me, ’55 (Flair 1055)

– The Big Break, ’55 (Flair 1055 & Crown LP 5371, ’63)

– Oh! Oh! Get Out Of The Car, ’55 (Flair 1064)

– Please Tell Me, ’55 (Flair 1064 & Crown LP 5371, ’63)


Richard Berry (BB Cadets-uncredited)

– God Gave Me You/ Don’t Cha’ Go, ’55 (Flair 1068)

– Jelly Roll, ’55 (Flair 1075) (BB formerly thought to be The Dreamers (LA). BB is Male and now attributed to The Cadets.  No group is credited on the label.  The flip (Together) is by Richard Berry & The Dreamers, with Dreamers credited on label.)



Richard Berry as Ricky (& Orch) – Baby Please Come Home/ Tender Love (No Group), ’56 (Empire 106)



Richard Berry as Pharaohs (LA) (ft Rickey) – Teenagers [sic] Love Song/ Watusi, ’56 (Class 202)


Richard Berry & The Pharaohs (LA)

– Take The Key (And Open Up My Heart)/ No Kissin’ And A Huggin’, ’56 (Flip 318)

– Louie Louie/ You Are My Sunshine, ’57 (Flip 321)

– Rock, Rock, Rock (This Dance Is Crazy)/ Sweet Sugar You, ’57 (Flip 327)

– You’re The Girl/ You Look So Good, ’58 (Flip 331)

– Have Love Will Travel/ No Room, ’59 (Flip 349)

– Somewhere There’s A Rainbow/ I’ll Never Ever Love Again, ’60 (Flip 352)

– You Are My Sunshine/ You Look So Good, ’62 (Flip 360)


Richard Berry (BB The Pharaohs (LA)-uncredited) – Do I Do I/ Besame Mucho, ’58 (Flip 339)



Lockettes (ref Jennell Hawkins) – Puddin’ Pie/ You Don’t Want Me, ’58 (Flip 334)

Lockettes (ref Jennell Hawkins) (Richard Berry & The) Heaven On Wheels/ The Mess Around, ’58 (Flip 336)



Richard Berry (& Group)

– Walk Right In/ It’s All Right, ’60 (Warner Bros 5164)

– I’m Your Fool/ In A Real Big Way, ’61 (K&G 1004)


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