Rhythmaires Groups

Rhythmaires (Tops Group) – Melody Of Love (Tops EP 250A2)

as Mimi Martel (w The Rhythmaires) – More/ That’s All  Want From You (Tops EP 250B)


as Gayle Lark (w The Rhythmaires)

– Ko Ko Mo/ Earth Angel (Club Record-of-the-Month 252 & Tops EP 252)                                                      

– Sincerely/ Tweedle Dee (Club Record-of-the-Month 252 & Tops EP 252) 


as Jessie Lee (w Ed Row’s Band) – Lonely Broken Heart, ’58 (Mida 110)

Rhythmaires (Miami) (Jessie Lee With The) – Won’t Have To … [sic] Any More, ’58 (Mida 110)


Rhythmaires (NY) as Curt Jenson (w The Don Henze Rhythmaires) – Just For You/ If I Only Knew, ’58 (Pet 806)