Rhythm Jesters Groups

The Montreal Rhythm Jesters gm: Bob Davies, Ricky Munro, Norm Robertson & Emmett McGoogan.)

Rhythm Jesters (Montreal) – Hole In The Bucket/ Rock To The Music, ’56 (Rama 213)

Rhythm Jesters (Montreal) (Bob Davies & The) – Never Anymore/ She’ll Never Know, ’57 (Rama 224)



Rhythm Jesters No Name on Label-Dir by R Jacobs – Ooh Sha-La/ Please Be Mine, ’62 (Lectra 501) (Book listed as Rhythm Jesters but there is no name on label.  Another pressing credits Rhythm Jesters.  This is a different group than the Montreal Rhythm Jesters.)


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  1. Rhythm Jesters No Name on Label-Dir by R Jacobs – Please Be Mine/ Ooh Sha-La, ’62 (Lectra 501)
    First pressings have no artist credit. Second pressings have a sticker applied to the label with the artist name. Third pressings have the artist name printed on the label.

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