Rhythm Aces Groups

Rhythm Aces (NY)


The book did not list releases as the Rhythm Aces (1st Vee-Jay Group) but aka’d them through the Rocketeers and Rockets.


Rhythm Aces

– I Wonder Why/ Get Lost, ’54 (Vee-Jay 124)

– Whisper To Me/ Olly, Olly, Atsen Free, ’55 (Vee-Jay 138)

– That’s My Sugar/ Flippety Flop, ’55 (Vee-Jay 160)

Note:  The first group of Rhythm Aces to record for Vee-Jay was not listed in the book under ‘Rhythm Aces.’

  • As an ‘aka’ the ‘first group’ is listed under the Rockets and Rocketeers groups.


as Rockets (LA)

– You Are The First One/ Be Lovey Dovey, ’56 (Modern 992)

– You Are The First One, ’63 (Crown LP 5372-A5)

  • Miscredited to Jacks on LP.

– Lovey Dovey, ’63 (Crown LP 5372 B-3)

  • Miscredited to Jacks on LP.

Note: Modern 1021 is listed by a few sources as the Rockets backing Jimmy Beasley.

  • Scans for Modern 1021 are for Jimmy Beasley & The Rockers, not Rockets.
  • The paragraph in Marv Goldberg’s Rhythm Aces article credits the Rockets, but the wording leaves some doubt.


as Rocketeers (LA)

– Hey Rube/ Talk It Over Baby, ’56 (Modern 999)

– My Reckless Heart/ They Turned The Party Out Down At Bessie’s House, ’58 (MJC 501)


as Rocketiers [sic] – My Reckless Heart/ They Turned The Party Out Down At Bessie’s House, ’74 (Firefly 326)


as Magic Notes – Never Again/ The Wrong Door, ’57 (Era 1035)

  • No B-side scan.


as Planets-Los Angeles

– Never Again (ft Bill Steward)/ Stand There, Mountain (ft Vince Howard), ’57 (Era 1038)

– Be Sure (ft Vince Howard)/ Wild Leaves (fb Jimmy Brunson), ’57 (Era 1049)


Rhythm Aces (The Other Groups)


Rhythm Aces (Bronx NY) – Crazy Jealousy/ Boppin’ Sloppin’ Baby, ’60 (Mark-X 8004)


Rhythm Aces (2nd Vee-Jay Group) (Preston Jackson & The) – Be Mine/ Joni, ’61 (Vee-Jay 417)


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