Relations Groups

Kac-Ties as Relations (Brooklyn)

– Smile (Baby)/ Until We Two Are One, ’63 (Kape 504)

– Back To The Beach/ Too Proud To Let You Know, ’65 (Demand 501 & Davy Jones 664)

Too Proud To Let You Know/ What Did I Do Wrong, ’72 (Kape 703)

  • Book lists with 1963 date which might be the recording date.
    • Sources say 702 & 703 were leased to Kape in 1972.

– Crowd With The Phony Tattoo/ Say You Love Me, ’63 (Zell’s 712)


Relations (NYC-Spiritual Group)

All Nite Long/ When We Get The Word, ’63 (Michele 506)

  • Scan for ‘All Nite Long’ (2.15) found.
  • ‘When We Get The Word (2.30)’/ ‘All Night Long (2.19)’ are also released asby Jack Edward (& Group) on Michele 508 in 1964.


Relations (NYC-Spiritual Group)

– When We Get The Word, ’63 (Relic LP 5022 (Best Of Club Records-B3))

– All Nite Long, ‘63 (Relic LP 5022 (Best Of Club Records-B5))


Relations (NYC-Spiritual Group) – Error: – Burying Ground, ‘63 (Relic LP 5022 (Best Of Club Records-A7))

  • The Album liner notes credit two unreleased titles, ‘Tender Love/ Burying Ground’ to the Pageants, formerly the Ultra D’Ors.
    • The sides were recorded February 4, 1963.
  • The back cover and disc scan credit ‘Tender Love’ to the Pageants, but ‘Burying Ground’ becomes credited to the Relations.


Relations (NYC-Spiritual Group) – Error: – Yes I Do (Club LP 5022 (Best Of Club Records-B4))

  • According to the Relic LP liner notes, ‘Yes I Do’ was recorded on September 23, 1956 by Phil Johnson and the Duvals.
  • Both the Album back cover and the disc scan give credit to the Relations.


Relations (Philadelphia) – Puddin-N-Tang (Is My Name)/ Don’t Let Me Down This Weekend, ’71 (Lebby 7966)


Relations (NY Label) (Gloria & The) – Date With My Man/ Hook, Line And Sinker (Bonnie 101-102)

  • There is a different ‘Bonnie’ label in California that was distributed by Imperial.


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