Regents Groups & Associations

Regents (Argo Calypso Group) – Isle Of Trinidad/ Bamboo Tree, ’57 (Argo 5268) (Calypso sound by unknown group.)



Regents (Kayo-Versatile Group) – No Hard Feelings/ That’s What I Call A Good Time, ’60 (Kayo 101)

and as

5 Spenders – No Hard Feelings/ That’s What I Call A Good Time, ’60 (Versatile 113)



Desires (ref Regents) (As a group nothing was released under their name until the Seville 118 sides in 1962.  Barbara-Ann was recorded by them in 1958 and released by the Regents in 1961 under the Regents name.  The Desires were comprised of various members and some became the Regents.)

– Barbara-Ann, ’58 (Unreleased)

– Teenage Love, 58 (Unreleased)

– Story Of Love/ I Ask You, ’62 (Seville 118)


Regents (NY)

– Barbara-Ann/ I’m So Lonely, ’61 (Cousins 1002 & Gee 1065)

– Runaround/ Laura My Darling, ’61 (Gee 1071)

– Liar/ Don’t Be A Fool, ’61 (Gee 1073)

– Lonesome Boy/ Oh Baby, ’61 (Gee 1075)

– A Sunday Kind Of Love (Forum Circle LP 9103 B2)

– Over The Rainbow (Unreleased)


RegentsGee LP 706-Barbara-Ann 1961 (The book entries are underscored.)

Side A:  Barbara-Ann, Autumn Leaves, A Sunday King Of Love, Laura My Darling, Summertime, Jeanette Jeanette.

Side B:  Runaround, Just Cry, Lonesome Boy, I’m So Lonely, Your Love Captured Me, A Fool In Love.


Regents (NY)-uncredited backing Lee Mareno – He’s Gone (Lonely Summer)/ Goddess Of Love, ’61 (New Art 103)

Regents (NY)-uncredited backing as Lee – Goddess Of Love/ He’s Gone, ’61 (Scepter 1222)


Guy Villari – Mashed Potato Mary/ I’m All Alone, ’61 (Cousins 1004) (Book lists asby Runarounds but dates as 1961 before the 1964 Regents reformed group.  A-side scan is by Guy Villari, a member of both the Regents and Runarounds.  Most sources date 1961 but some date 1964.  Both sides have a girl-group backing sound.  Cousins duplicate numbers issues are either 1961 or 1964 with no official discography found for the label.)


When the NY Regents reformed (with some personnel changes) they recorded as the Run-A-Rounds and the Runarounds.

Regents (NY-Reformed Group) as Run-A-Rounds

– Unbelievable/ Hooray For Love, ’63 (KC 116)

– Let Them Talk/ Are You Looking For A Sweetheart, ’63 (Tarheel 065) (Book also lists ‘Let Them Talk’ asby Regents on the KC label which remains unverified.)

– A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening, ’63 (Unreleased)

– Crazy Love, ’63 (Unreleased)

– Tonight (Could Be The Night), ’63 (Unreleased)


Regents (NY-Reformed Group) as Runarounds

– Carrie (You’re An Angel)/ Send Her Back, ’64 (Felsted 8704)

– Perfect Woman/ You’re A Drag, ’66 (Capitol 5644)


Regents (NY-Reformed Group) as Runarounds (w Tommy Cosgrove & The Elegant Four) – You Lied/ My Little Girl, ’67 (MGM 13763)



Emotions (NY) as The Runarounds – The Nearest Thing To Heaven/ Lovers [sic] Lane, ’61 (Pio 107 & Jason Scott 13, ’81)



Jimmy Curtiss (BB The Regents-NY-uncredited) – Let’s Dance Close (Like We Used To Do), ’65 (Laurie 3315)

Jimmy Curtiss – The Girl From The Land Of A Thousand Dances, ’65 (Laurie 3315)

Jimmy Curtis & The Regents-NY – Let’s Dance Close (MGM 13768)

The flip is also ‘Let’s Dance Close’ but the artist credited is Peter Jarett & The Fifth Circle.



Regents (Los Angeles)

– Words/ Worryin’ King, ’66 (Penthouse 502)

– Summer Time Blues/ You Don’t Love Me, ’67 (Peoria 008)



Regents (Toronto) – Me And You/ Playmates, ’65 (Blue Cat 110)


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