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Reflections (Queens)


Reflections (Queens)

– Maybe Tomorrow/ I Really Must Know, ’61 (Crossroads 401)

– Rocket To The Moon/ Because Of You, ’62 (Crossroads 402)


Sources list original gms as: Alfred A Innila, Jerry Speedo Gonzales, Joe Orlando, Richard Herdmann and Fred Davenport.


Reflections (Indianapolis)


previously as Aristocats (Indianapolis) – Big Girls Don’t Cry, Connie-O, Just Two Kinds Of People, ’62

  • Recorded in Indianapolis as part of an audition tape for the TV show ‘Shindig.’


Reflections – Don’t Worry Baby/ Rag Doll, ’63 (Unreleased-Recorded for Jan Hutchens studio)

  • In the article by Larry J Dunlap (see link below) ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ is confirmed.  Rag Doll is not mentioned.


Reflections-uncredited backing Mona Thomas – There He Goes/ Just In Between, ’63 (Jan Hutchens Studio-unreleased & USA 776, ’64)

  • Recorded in Indianapolis.


Reflections – (I Remember) In The Still Of The Night/ Tic Toc, ’63 (Tigre 602)

  • Charted regionally, but the masters were ‘lost’ before national distribution.
  • Some issues have Tic Toc as the A-side.
  • Many sources still miscredit these titles as being done by the five-man Detroit group of Romeo & Juliet fame.


Reflections renamed as The Illusions (Indianapolis) – In The Beginning/ Maybe (I Just May Be Wrong), ’64 (Laurie 3245)

  • Group was renamed because of the Detroit Reflections hit ‘Romeo & Juliet.’


Gms for the Artisocats, Reflections and Illusions: Dave Dunn (Lead), Chuck Tunnah (Bass), Pat Baldwin and Larry Dunlap.


For the sake of doowop, brings The Aristocats (Indianapolis) to light and explains why the Reflections and Illusions are the same group.

  • There were personnel changes when the group moved to California where their musical direction followed the times and they evolved into ‘Stark Naked And The Car Thieves’.


Reflections (Detroit)


Reflections (Detroit)

– Helpless/ You Said Good Bye, ’63 (Kay-Ko 1003)

  • No scan for A-side.

– Like Columbus Did/ Lonely Girl, ’64 (Golden World 12)

– Talkin’ About My Girl/ Oowee Now Now, ’64 (Golden World 15)

– Don’t Do That To Me/(I’m Just) A Henpecked Guy, ’64 (Golden World 16)

– (Just Like) Romeo And Juliet/ Can’t You Tell By The Look In My Eyes, ’64 (Golden World 8-9)

– You’re My Baby (And Don’t You Forget It)/ Shabby Little Hut, ’64 (Golden World 19)

– Poor Man’s Son/ Comin’ At You, ’65 (Golden World 20)

– Deborah Ann/ Wheelin’ And Dealin’, ’65 (Golden World 22)

– Out Of The Picture/ June Bride, ’65 (Golden World 24)

– Girl In The Candy Store/ Your Kind Of Love, ’65 (Golden World 29)

– Helpless/ You Said Good Bye, ’81 (Adam & Eve 1)


Reflections (The Other Groups)


Reflections (Minneapolis) (Howie Butler & The) – Treasure Of Love/ Have A Good Time, ’60 (Gaity 6017)


Reflections (Miami Florida) – I Need Your Love/ You Don’t Love Me, ’68 (Went 001) 

as The Swinging Reflections – I Need Your Love/ You Don’t Love Me, ’68 (Went 001)

  • According to a source, Went 001 was withdrawn because of other ‘Reflections’ groups and reissued on the silver Went label as the Swinging Reflections.
  • Scans found for all releases.


Reflections (ref Frank Gino Amodeo)

– Like Adam And Eve/ Vito’s House, ’66 (ABC 10794)

– The Long Cigarette/ You’re Gonna Find Out (You Need Me), ’66 (ABC 10822)


FYI: Frank Amodeo was part of Gino & The Dells and Royal-Aires groups.


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