Re-Vels & Revels Groups

Re-Vels (Philadelphia) as Re-Vels Quartette – My Lost Love/ Love My Baby, ’54 (Atlas 1035) (Fi-Tones/Caverliers ‘Dynaflow/You Thrill Me So’ is also issued on Atlas 1035.)


Re-Vels (Philadelphia)

– You Lied To Me/ Later, Later Baby, ’56 (Sound 129)

– Dream My Darling, Dream/ Cha-Cha-Toni, ’56 (Sound 135)

– So In Love/ It Happened To Me, ’56 (Teen 122)

– False Alarm/ When You Come Back To Me, ’58 (Chess 1708)


Re-Vels (Philadelphia) became Revels

– Dead Mans’ [sic] Stroll/ Talking To My Heart, ’59 (Norgolde 103-first pressing)

– Midnight Stroll/ Talking To My Heart, ’59 (Norgolde 103-second pressing) (Retitled ‘Dead Mans’ Stroll)

– Foo Man Choo/ Tweedley Dee, ’59 (Norgolde 104)

– Two Little Monkeys (In A Banana Tree)/ Please, ’60 (Andie 5077)

– I Met My Lost Love/ Oh How I Love You, ’61 (Palette 5074) (‘Oh How I Love You’ begins the same as ‘Please.’)

Promo #104 as Ravels – Foo Man Choo/ Tweedley Dee, ‘59 (Norgolde 104)



Revels (California Surf Grp) – Six Pack/ Good Grief, ’59 (Lynn 1302) {I} (No scans found for book’s listing on Swingin’ 620.)



Revels error -– Lots Of Luck {I}/ Gonna Have Some Fun, ’63 (Diamond 143) (This is by Ravels (NY Label))


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