Ramblers Groups

Ramblers (NY) – Search My Heart/ 50-50 Love, ’53 (Jax 319) (Book listed as part of Ramblers group connected to the Kings (ref Bobby Hall))



Kings (NY) as Ramblers

– Vadunt-Un-Va-Da Song (Oui Oui Baby)/ Please Bring Yourself Back Home, ’54 (MGM 11850)

– Bad Girl/ Rickey-Do, Rickey-Do, ’55 (MGM 55006)



Note:  The new Falcons began as the Playboys, recorded as the Ramblers and Fabulous Playboys before assuming the Falcons name.  The Falcons name was owned by Robert West who managed both Detroit Falcons Groups.

Falcons (Detroit-New Group) formerly The Ramblers – The Heaven And Earth/ Don’t You Know, ’56 (Federal 12286)



Ramblers (Los Angeles) (Sidney Maiden & His) – Hurry, Hurry, Baby/ Everything Is Wrong, ’56 (Flash 101)



Ramblers (Connecticut-NY Label) – Devil Train/ Rambling, ’60 (Addit 1257) {I}



Ramblers (West Coast-Surf) – Yaba Dab Ah Doo/ Funnny Papers, ’61 (Impact 10) (CollectorsFrenzy describes B-side as great primitive “knucklehead” rock.  Written and produced by Bob Hafner and K.C. Reeth.  No scan for A-side.)



Ramblers (Nashville TN) – I Need You So/ She’s A Heartbreaker, ’63 (Larkwood 1104)



Ramblers (NY NY)

– Father Sebastian/ Barbara (I Love You), ’64 (Almont 311)

– School Girl/ Birdland Baby, ’64 (Almont 313) (Scans found.)

– Silly Little Boy/ Surfin’ Santa, ’64 (Almont 315)



Ramblers (Atlanta GA) (‘Little’ Preston) – Come On Back/ So Sad, ’63 (Trumpet 102)


Ramblers (Atlanta GA) – Lost Symphony/ Bye, Bye, Bye, ’64 (Cora 101) (Writing credits on B-side are Preston York.)


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