Ramblers Groups

Ramblers (NY) – Search My Heart/ 50-50 Love, ’53 (Jax 319)

  • As/ Marv Goldberg, this is a different group than the MGM group.


Kings (Baltimore) as Ramblers

– Vadunt-Un-Va-Da Song (Oui Oui Baby)/ Please Bring Yourself Back Home, ’54 (MGM 11850)

– Bad Girl/ Rickey-Do, Rickey-Do, ’55 (MGM 55006)

  • Lead-Adolphus Holcomb.


Falcons (Detroit-New Group) formerly The Ramblers – The Heaven And Earth/ Don’t You Know, ’56 (Federal 12286)


Note:  The new Falcons began as the Playboys, recorded as the Ramblers and Fabulous Playboys before assuming the Falcons name.

  • The ‘Falcons’ name was owned by Robert West who managed both Detroit Falcons Groups.


Ramblers (Los Angeles) (Sidney Maiden & His) – Hurry, Hurry, Baby/ Everything Is Wrong, ’56 (Flash 101)


Ramblers (Connecticut-NY Label) – Devil Train/ Rambling, ’60 (Addit 1257) {I}


Ramblers (California) – Funny Papers/ Yaba Dab Ah Doo, ’61 (Impact 10)

  • Scans found for both sides.
  • Written and produced by Bob Hafner and K.C. Reeth.


Ramblers (Nashville TN) – I Need You So/ She’s A Heartbreaker, ’63 (Larkwood 1104)


Ramblers (NY NY)

– Father Sebastian/ Barbara (I Love You), ’64 (Almont 311)

– School Girl/ Birdland Baby, ’64 (Almont 313)

  • Scans found.

– Surfin’ Santa/ Silly Little Boy, ’64 (Almont 315)


Ramblers (Atlanta GA) (‘Little’ Preston) – Come On Back/ So Sad, ’63 (Trumpet 102)


Ramblers (Atlanta GA) – Lost Symphony/ Bye, Bye, Bye, ’64 (Cora 101)

  • Writing credits on B-side are Preston York.


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