Raindrops Groups & Jumpin’ Tones

Cuff Links formerly Rain Drops – (I Found) Heaven In Love/ I Prayed For Gold, ’56 (Spin-It 104)

Cuff Links as Raindrops (Book listed under several different group numbers.)

– Little One/ Rockin’ On The Farm, ’58 (Spin-It 106)

– Dim Those Lights/ Oh, Oh, Baby, ’58 (Vega 105)

– Love Is Like A Mountain/ Maybe, ’60 (Corsair 104 & Dore 561)

– I Still Love You, ’64 (Sotoplay 0028)



Raindrops (Unknown Group) – Rock-A-Baby Rock, ’59 (Capitol 4136)

Raindrops (Unknown Group) (ft Tini Williams) – Rain, ’59 (Capitol 4136)


Raindrops (Hollywood Label-Female Group) – Without Love, Love, Love/ Oh My, ’60 (Hamilton 50021)



Raindrops (Brooklyn) (ref Jumpin’ Tones)

– I Remember In The Still Of The Night/ The Sweetheart Song, ’61 (Imperial 5785)

– Jingle Bell Stomp, ’89 (Imperial-unreleased 1964 & Avenue D 16) (Book lists as Jumpin’ Tones.  The Avenue D label says the sides are from 1964 unreleased Imperial recordings.


Unreleased (Book listed all unreleased as by Jumpin’ Tones without label name.  It is unverified if these ‘Unreleased’ sides were done for Imperial, what date they were recorded or if the group was the Raindrops or the Jumpin’ Tones.  Most sources date as 1961 and credit them to the Raindrops.)

– Japanese Sandman (Unreleased)

– Come On Home (Unreleased)

– I See A Star (Unreleased)

– You’re My Love (Unreleased)


The Jumpin’ Tones and Raindrops (Brooklyn) share two common members.  The Jumpin’ Tones recorded for Raven and the Raindrops (Brooklyn) recorded for Imperial.  The book listed all unreleased as Jumpin’ Tones.  The 1989 release of ‘Jingle Bell Stomp’ and ‘Even Now’ on Avenue D splits the sides between Raindrops and Jumpin’ Tones from 1964 unreleased Imperial material .

Jumpin’ Tones (ref Raindrops (Brooklyn))

– I Had A Dream/ I Wonder, ’64 (Raven 8004)

– Grandma’s Hearing Aid/ That Angel Is You, ’64 (Raven 8005)

– Even Now, ’89 (Imperial-unreleased 1964 & Avenue D 16)



Raindrops (Philadelphia) (Tony & The)

– While Walking/ Our Love Is Over, ’62 (Chesapeake 609)

– Tina/ My Heart Cried, ’62 (Crosley 340)



Raindrops (NY)

– What A Guy/ It’s So Wonderful, ’63 (Jubilee 5444)

– The Kind Of Boy You Can’t Forget/ Even Though You Can’t Dance, ’63 (Jubilee 5455)

– That Boy John/ Hanky Panky, ’63 (Jubilee 5466)

– Book Of Love/ I Won’t Cry, ’64 (Jubilee 5469)

– Let’s Go Together/ You Got What I Like, ’64 (Jubilee 5475)

– One More Tear/ Another Boy Like Mine, ’64 (Jubilee 5487)

– Don’t Let Go/ My Mama Don’t Like Him {I}, ’65 (Jubilee 5497)



Jackie & The Raindrops (London) – My Heart Is Your Heart/ Down Our Street, ’64 (Colpix 738)



Raindrops book error – If You See Mary Lee/ Ooh My Soul, ’74 Firefly 313) (A-side by Rainbows (Washington) (John Berry’s Rainbows); B-side by Don Covay (Of The Rainbows))


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