Raindrops Groups & Jumpin’ Tones

Cuff Links formerly Rain Drops – (I Found) Heaven In Love/ I Prayed For Gold, ’56 (Spin-It 104)


Cuff Links as Raindrops

– Little One/ Rockin’ On The Farm, ’58 (Spin-It 106)

– Dim Those Lights/ Oh, Oh, Baby, ’58 (Vega 105)

– Love Is Like A Mountain/ Maybe, ’60 (Corsair 104 & Doré 561)

– I Still Love You, ’64 (Sotoplay 0028)


Note: The book listed under several different groups of Raindrops.


as Skyliners (Florida) (ft Lindsay Bray) – Rock-A-Baby Rock, ’58 (suncoast 1002)

as Skyliners (Florida) (Vocal by Tini Williams) – Rain, ’58 (suncoast 1002)


Raindrops – Rock-A-Baby Rock, ’59 (Capitol 4136)

Raindrops (ft Tini Williams) – Rain, ’59 (Capitol 4136)


Raindrops (Hollywood Label-Female Group) – Oh My!/ Without Love, Love, Love, ’60 (Hamilton 50021)


Raindrops (Brooklyn) (ref Jumpin’ Tones)

– I Remember In The Still Of The Night/ The Sweetheart Song, ’61 (Imperial 5785)

Jingle Bell Stomp, ’89 (Imperial-unreleased 1964 & Avenue D 16)

  • Book lists as Jumpin’ Tones.
  • The Avenue D label says the sides are from the 1964 unreleased Imperial recordings.


– Japanese Sandman (Unreleased) 

– Come On Home (Unreleased)

– I See A Star (Unreleased)

– You’re My Love (Unreleased)

Unreleased Sides

  • Book listed all unreleased as by Jumpin’ Tones without label name.
    • It is unverified if these ‘Unreleased’ sides were done for Imperial, what date they were recorded or if the group was the Raindrops or the Jumpin’ Tones.
    • Most sources date as 1961 and credit them to the Raindrops.



  • The Jumpin’ Tones and Raindrops (Brooklyn) share two common members.
  • The Jumpin’ Tones recorded for Raven and the Raindrops (Brooklyn) recorded for Imperial.
  • The book listed all unreleased as Jumpin’ Tones.
  • The 1989 release of ‘Jingle Bell Stomp’ and ‘Even Now’ on Avenue D splits the sides between Raindrops and Jumpin’ Tones from 1964 unreleased Imperial material.


as Jumpin’ Tones

– I Had A Dream/ I Wonder, ’64 (Raven 8004)

– Grandma’s Hearing Aid/ That Angel Is You, ’64 (Raven 8005)

– Even Now, ’89 (Imperial-unreleased 1964 & Avenue D 16)


Raindrops (Philadelphia) (Tony & The)

– While Walking/ Our Love Is Over, ’62 (Chesapeake 609)

– Tina/ My Heart Cried, ’62 (Crosley 340)


Raindrops (NY)

– What A Guy/ It’s So Wonderful, ’63 (Jubilee 5444)

– The Kind Of Boy You Can’t Forget/ Even Though You Can’t Dance, ’63 (Jubilee 5455)

– That Boy John/ Hanky Panky, ’63 (Jubilee 5466)

– Book Of Love/ I Won’t Cry, ’64 (Jubilee 5469)

– Let’s Go Together/ You Got What I Like, ’64 (Jubilee 5475)

– One More Tear/ Another Boy Like Mine, ’64 (Jubilee 5487)

– Don’t Let Go/ My Mama Don’t Like Him {I}, ’65 (Jubilee 5497)


Jackie & The Raindrops (London) – My Heart Is Your Heart/ Down Our Street, ’64 (Colpix 738)


Raindrops book error – If You See Mary Lee/ Ooh My Soul, ’74 Firefly 313)

  • ‘If You See My Mary Lee is by Rainbows (Washington) (John Berry’s Rainbows)
  • Ooh My Soul is by Don Covay (Of The Rainbows).


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