Radiants Groups

Radiants (New York) (Male Group) – Ra Cha Cha/ I’ll Never Be Mean, ’58 (Wizz 713) (Book cross-referenced this Radiants group to all the listed Valentinos groups.  It is unconfirmed what, if any, relationship there is to these Valentinos group.)



Radiants (Los Angeles) (Cleve Duncan & The) – To Keep Our Love/ I’m Betting My Heart, ’59 (Dooto 451)

credited as Cleve Duncan & The Penguins (The Masked Phantom Band) – Universal Twist/ To Keep Our Love, ’61 (Eldo 119) (The B-side is the Radiants master.  The A-side, ‘Universal Twist,’ has the same credits, but sources are unclear who these ‘Penguins’ were.)



Radiants (Syracuse, NY) (Little Jan & The) – Heart And Soul/ If You Love Me, ’60 (Vim 507)


Radiants (Syracuse, NY) (Jan & The)

– Now Is The Hour/ Is It True (I Still Believe In You), ’60 (Clock 180)

– If You Love Me/ Is It True (I Still Believe In You), ’61 (Queen 24007)


Radiants (Syracuse, NY) as Little Jan – If You Love Me (Alt Version)/ Now Is The Hour, ’61 (Goldisc G15)


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