R-Dells/American Beetles & Related Groups

R-Dells (West Palm Beach FL)

– You Know Baby/ You Say, ’59 (Dade 1806)

– Candy Stick Twist/ Money, ’62 (Gone 5128) (Book lists b-side as ‘That’s What I Want’.)


R-Dells as Ardells (The book lists the Ardells as fb Johnny Maestro.  Subsequent information found indicates he was not connected to the group.)

– Every Little Day Of The Week/ Roll On, ’61 (Marco 102)

– Eefananny/ Lonely Valley, ’63 (Epic 9621)

– Seven Lonely Nights/ You Can Fall In Love, ’63 (Selma 4001) (As an error/misprint, the book also lists under The Artells.)


R-Dells as Tones – Paula Is Mine/ Love Such As You, ’62 (Elmor 6001)


R-Dells became American Beetles

– She’s Mine/ Theme Of A.B’s {I}, ’64 (BYP 1001)

– It’s My Last Night In Town/ You’re Getting To Me, ’64 (BYP 101& Mammoth 102)

– Don’t Be Unkind/ You Did It To Me, ’64 (Roulette 4550)

– Hey, Hey Girl/ School Days, ’64 (Roulette 4559)

– I Wish You Everything/ Say You Do, ’65 (Yorey 1001)


R-Dells became Razor’s Edge

– Let’s Call It A Day Girl/ Avril (April), ’66 (Pow 101)

– Don’t Let Me Catch You In His Arms/ Night And Day, ’66 (Pow 103)

– Baby’s On His Way/ True Patron Of The Arts ’67 (Pow 105)

– Get Yourself Together/ Cloudy Day, ’67 (Power 4932)


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