Quotations Groups

Quotations (Brooklyn)

– Imagination/ Ala-Men-Sy, ’61 (Verve 10245 & Popular Request 104)

– This Love Of Mine/ We’ll Reach Heaven Together, ’62 (Verve 10252)

– See You In September/ Summertime Goodbyes, ’62 (Verve 10261)

– In The Night/ Oh No, I Still Love Her (Recorded 1962), ’64 (Admiral 753)

  • See comment.

– Imagination/ Ala Men Sy, ’73 (Relic 1025)


Quotations (Brooklyn-A Capella)

– I Wonder Why, ’66 (Relic LP 103 A01)

– I’ve Seen Everything, ’66 (Relic LP 103 A07)

– Maybe You’ll Be There, ’66 (Relic LP 103 B02)

– I’ll Be Home, ’66 (Relic LP 104 A06)

– Why Do You Do Me Like You Do?, ’66 (Relic LP 104 B09)

– I Don’t Want To Cry, ’66 (Relic LP 105 A01)

– To The Aisle, ’66 (Relic LP 105 B05)

– My Blue Heaven, ’66 (Relic LP 108 A08)

– Imagination, ’66 (Relic LP 109 A01)

– Ala Men Sy, ’66 (Relic LP 109 B01)


Quotations (Brooklyn) – On The Corner LP 134 1990 [Crystal Ball affiliate]

Side A:

Imagination (2:10) 1961

See You In September (2:19) 1962

Summertime Goodbyes (2:38 1962

Is It True What They Say About Barbara (2:27) 1963

  • Quotations backing Mike Regal.

We’ll Reach Heaven Together (2:03) 1962

This Love Of Mine (2:05) 1962

Ala-Men-Sy (2:09) 1961

Why Not Why Not You (1:35-Original Demo) 1962

Imagination (2:08-Original Demo) 1960.

Side B:

In The Night (1:54) 1962

Oh No I Still Love Her (2:11) 1962

Too Young (2:32) 1963

  • Quotations backing Mike Regal.

September In The Rain (1:30-Acappella Demo) 1959

Time Was (2:18-Acappella demo) 1959

Sunday Kind Of Love (2:28-Acappella Demo) 1959

We’ll Reach Heaven Together (2:36-Original Demo) 1960

Ich-Bin-Mu-Mu Musika Lisch [sic] (1:56) 1962.


Quotations (Brooklyn-A Capella) – Night/ Why Do You Do Me Like You Do (Demo Acetates), ’74 (Downstairs 1003)

  • No scans found.  See comment.


Quotations (Los Angeles) – Speak Softly And Carry A Big Horn/ Listen My Children And You Shall Hear, ’63 (Liberty 55527)

  • This is a female group.


Quotations (Los Angeles) – Havin’ A Good Time (With My Baby)/ (For Once) Can I Have Someone, ’68 (IR Imperial 66338)

Gms:  Linda Simms, Kim Johnson and Barbara Dale Clark.


Quotations (Springfield, Ma) – I Don’t Have To Worry/ It Can Happen To You, ’68 (DiVenus 107)

  • As/ discogs, gms are: Carl Williams, Fred Guess, Jimmie Wilson.


6 thoughts on “Quotations Groups

  1. Early demos by the Brooklyn Quotations were put out on two LPs that I put out on “On the Corner Records”. On my “They Sang In Brooklyn” LP was “Sunday Kind of Love” and “Time Was.” On “The Quotations Time Was 1959 – 1963” LP were these two cuts again plus “Why Not, Why Not You” which their manager brought to the Dovells who cut it on one of their albums. On the Quotations LP is also the two cuts with Mike Regal mentioned in the next paragraph.

    Also the Quotations (uncredited on the label) backed up Mike Regal doing “Too Young”/”Is It True What They Say About Barbara?” on Kapp Records #506 that came out in 1963. Mike Regal (Regalhoff) was the lead in Bobby Roy/Chord A Roys on JDS Records and also the lead on the Romeos, from Brighton Beach and Lincoln High School, “The Tigers Wide Awake” on Amy Records in 1962 – answering their neighborhood and Lincoln High School fellow singers the Tokens.

    • Posting the entire On The Corner LP tells more about the diversity of the group. Your group history on the LP back jacket tells all about their history. The book had listed the LP as ‘Crystal Ball LP 135’. Your extra facts are appreciated.

  2. Well, I was partners with the owner of Crystal Ball Records at one time. He put the Crystal Ball logo on my “They Sang In Brooklyn” LP jacket which pissed me off greatly. The label stated “On the Corner Records.” As a compromise I agreed to let him call the Quotations LP on “On the Corner Records” a Crystal Ball affiliate.

    Wow, I should have read my own liner notes on the album ……. I forgot about the “September In the Rain” demo. Thanks for reminding me.

    • Not to worry about the Crystal Ball reference. Even when reference books list under the Crystal Ball name, hard searches find the album under the LP title ‘On The Corner #134.’ The album put the group’s material together in one place.

      I have one questions. The book also listed ‘Night/ Why Do You Do Me Like You Do’ on Downstairs (NY) 1003 as part of the Brooklyn Quotations discography. Is this theirs? mistitled material they did, or a different group?

  3. Yes, “Night” and “Why You Do Me Like You Do” were demo acetates made by the Brooklyn Quotations and was given to Roy Adams to put out on his Downstairs label by Richie Schwartz in the early 1970s.

    Actually “In the Night” and it’s flip “Oh No I Still Love Her” released on Admiral Records in 1964, the Quotations never knew came out until I showed Richie Schwartz (1rst tenor & falsetto) a copy of the record in 1985. He then taped it and very excitingly called Lew Arno (2nd tenor) and gave him the news. The Quotations recorded both tunes with their Verve producer Richard Wolfe in 1962, but thought they were both left unfinished. They were very surprised to find out it came out on Richard Wolfe’s Admiral label two years later. As obscure and as rare as the record is, the Quotations consider “Oh No I Still Love Her” the best recording they made.

    • Thanks for the ‘Downstairs’ titles info and clearly putting them with the Brooklyn Quotations.

      Another interesting story on the Admiral releases. Both sound good.

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