Quinns, Quin-Tones/Quintones Groups

Quinns (Brooklyn) (formerly Quintones) backing Jimmy Witherspoon & The Quintones – Still In Love/ My Girl Ivy, ’56 (Atco 6084)

  • Book listed as part of another Quintones group.


Quinns (Brooklyn)

– Oh Starlight/ Hong Kong, ’57 (Cyclone 111)

– Unfaithful/ Who Stole The Cookies, ’65 (Relic 1012)


as Quintones – Ding Dong/ I Try So Hard, ’58 (Chess 1685)


Quin-Tones (York PA)

– Down The Aisle Of Love/ Please Dear, ’58 (Red Top 108 & Hunt 321)

– What Am I To Do/ There’ll Be No Sorrow, ’58 (Hunt 322)

– Oh My Love, ’58 (Red Top-Unreleased)


as QuinTones – Oh, Heavenly Father/ I Watch The Stars, ’58 (Red Top 116)


Quintones (Los Angeles) (Vocal Donna Lenwood) – Ay! Ay! Senorita/ My Aloha Land, ’46 (Courtney 134)

  • Book listed B-side as My Aloha Sand.


Quintones (Los Angeles) – Choo Choo Boogie/ Boogie Woogie Pony, ’46 (Courtney 135)

  • No scans found.
  • Book listed under the Quin-Tones group.


Note:  The Courtney #134 scan lists gms as: Donna Lenwood (vocals), Jimmy Fox (guitar), Earl Baxter (accordion), Don Coil (piano), and Carl Green (bass fiddle).


Quintones (Vocalion Group) – Fool That I Am/ When My Sugar Walks Down The Street, ’39 (Vocalion 5172 & Okeh 5172, ’40)

  • Book listed under the Quin-Tones group.


Note:  Group members:  Patti Davis, Irving Deutsch, Murray Deutsch, Lloyd Hundling, Al Lane.


Quintones (Jordan) – Just A Little Loving/ The Lonely Telephone, ’54 (Jordan 1601)


Quintones (New York) – I’m Willing/ Strange As It Seems, ’56 (Gee 1009)


Quintones (Chicago) – South Sea Island/ More Than A Notion, ’57 (Park 57-111-112)


Quintones (Memphis) – Power Of Love/ Liverlips, ’60 (Lee 1113)


Quintones (Memphis) (Pat Foster & The) – In The Doorway Crying/ That’s What They Say, ’60 (Lee 1114)


Quintones (Alabama) – Times Sho’ Gettin’ Ruff {I}/ Softie {I}, ’62 (Phillips International 3586)

  • The group were studio musicians.
  • This is their only recording-done April 1962.


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