Quarter Notes & Quarternotes

Quarter Notes (Texas)

– Come De Night/ Loneliness, ’57 (DeLuxe 6116)

– My Fantasy/ Ten Minutes To Midnight, ’57 (DeLuxe 6129)


Quarter Notes (Texas) (ref-Bill Lowery Studio-Atlanta) – Like You Bug Me/ Please Come Home, ’57 (Dot 15685)

  • Writing credits: E René-R Ornales/ R Ornales.
  • An Eddie Cochrane biographer’s contact with two Quarter Notes members advise ‘Like You Bug Me’ has Joe South on guitar and Ray Stevens on piano.


Quarter Notes (Norfolk VA) – The Interview/ Punkanilla, ’58 (RCA 7327)

  • Ref Roger ‘Sebastian’ Williams.
    • In 1963 the group recorded ‘Nobody Can Do The Dog Like I Do/The Best Man Cryed’ [sic]) as Sebastian & The House Rockers on Key 302.


    • ‘The Best Man Cried/ Nobody Can Do The Dog Like I Do (The Dog-Nobody But Me)’ on Colt 45 302.


Quarter Notes (Buffalo NY) – Record Hop Blues {I}/ Suki-Yaki-Rocki {I}, ’59 (Wizz 715)


Quarter Notes (Buffalo NY) (Neil Darrow With The) – Charlene/ She’s A Fine Chick, ’59 (Wizz 717)


as Quarter-Notes – Frantic Flip {I}/ Canadian Sunset {I}, ’60 (Imperial 5647)


Quarter Notes (Philadelphia Label) – Pretty Pretty Eyes/ I Don’t Wanna Go Home, ’63 (Guyden 2083)


Quarternotes (Hollywood Label) – Baby/ Hold Me Darling, ’62 (Little Star 112)


Quarternotes (NY Label) – Hey Little Girl/ I’ve Been Loved, ’66 (Boom 60018)

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