Quarter Notes & Quarternotes

Quarter Notes (Texas)

– Come De Night/ Loneliness, ’57 (DeLuxe 6116)

– My Fantasy/ Ten Minutes To Midnight, ’57 (DeLuxe 6129)


Quarter Notes (Texas) (ref-Bill Lowery Studio-Atlanta) – Like You Bug Me/ Please Come Home, ’57 (Dot 15685)

(An Eddie Cochrane biographer’s contact with two Quarter Notes members advise ‘Like You Bug Me’ has Joe South on guitar and Ray Stevens on piano.  Writing credits also connect these two labels as the same Quarter Notes.  The book listed with a variety of other Quarter Notes’ groups.)



Quarter Notes (Norfolk VA) – The Interview/ Punkanilla, ’58 (RCA 7327) (ref Roger ‘Sebastian’ Williams.)

In 1963 the group recorded as Sebastian & The House Rockers (Nobody Can Do The Dog Like I Do/The Best Man Cryed [sic]) on Key 302


(The Best Man Cried/ Nobody Can Do The Dog Like I Do (The Dog-Nobody But Me) on Colt 45 302.)



Quarter Notes (Buffalo NY) – Record Hop Blues {I}/ Suki-Yaki-Rocki {I}, ’59 (Wizz 715)


Quarter Notes (Buffalo NY) (Neil Darrow With The) – Charlene/ She’s A Fine Chick, ’59 (Wizz 717)


Quarter Notes (Buffalo NY) as Quarter-Notes – Frantic Flip {I}/ Canadian Sunset {I}, ’60 (Imperial 5647)



Quarter Notes (Philadelphia Label) – Pretty Pretty Eyes/ I Don’t Wanna Go Home, ’63 (Guyden 2083)



Quarternotes (Hollywood Label) – Baby/ Hold Me Darling, ’62 (Little Star 112)

(No scans found.  Plays @  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvSP30W5o-4.)



Quarternotes (NY Label) – Hey Little Girl/ I’ve Been Loved, ’66 (Boom 60018) (Book listed as Quarter Notes.)


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