Playboys Groups

Playboys (NY) (The Cues as the Playboys are the backup group for Charlie White.)

– Tell Me (Are You Really Mine)/ Rock, Moan And Cry, ’54 (Cat 108)


Playboys (NY) – Good Golly, Miss Molly, ’55 (Cat 115)

Playboys (NY) (Charlie White & The) – Honey Bun, ’55 (Cat 115)



Playboys (Brooklyn NY) – One Question/ So Good, ’56 (Tetra 4447)



Playboys (Buffalo) (ref Graduates) – Don’t Do Me Wrong/ Why Do I Love You, Why Do I Care, ’57 (Mercury 71228)

(Two members of this group become part of the Graduates (Buffalo NY))



Playboys (Philadelphia) as Frank Verna With The Playboys – Sugar Lump/ Golly Gosh Oh Gee, ’58 (United Artists 124)

Playboys (Philadelphia)

– Over The Weekend/ Double Talk, ’58 (Martinique 101 & Cameo 142)

– Memories/ You’re All I See, ’59 (ABC-Paramount 10070)

– Please Forgive Me/ Sing Along, ’59 (Martinique 400) (B-side scan found.)

– Boston Hop {I}, ’61 (Chancellor 1074) (Flip ‘What’d I Say’ by the Cousins.)

– Careful With My Heart/ Girl Of My Dreams, ’62 (Cotton 1008) (No b-side scan found.  Titles also appear on ‘Over The Weekend’ and other Hits (1956-1962) LP.)

– Duck Walk {I}/ If I Had My Way, ’62 (Chancellor 1106)



Playboys (Baton Rough LA) (John Fred & The) – Shirley/ My Love For You, ’58 (Montel 1002)


as John Fred & His Playboy Band – Mirror, Mirror (On The Wall)/ To Have And To Hold, ’62 (Montel 2001)


as John Fred & The Playboys Band – Shirley, ’68 (Montel-Michelle 998)

as The Playboys Band – High Heel Sneakers, ’68 (Montel-Michelle 998)



Playboys (Seattle, WA) (ref Ron Holden)

– Cross My Heart/ Southbound Express {I}, ’61 (Nite-Owl 30)

– Party Ice/ Icy Fingers, ’59 (Dolton 8)



Playboys (California) – Shotgun/ Jungle Fever, ’59 (Rik 572) {I}



Playboys (Idaho) (Johnny Clark Vocal) – Believe It Or Not/ Hawaiian War Chant, ’59 (Souvenir 1001)



The “Play Boys” – Crazy Daisy/ Sweet Talk, ’59 (Imperial 5586)



Playboys (Indianapolis Ind) (Gary Gillespie & The) – Dancing Girl/ Honest I Do, ’62 (Delta 520)


Playboys (Unknown Origin) – Mope De Mope {I}/, The Night Before Christmas ’63 (Legato 101)


Playboys (Columbus Ohio) (Caleb & The) (Vocal Accom. The Emporers) – I’m Yours/ See About Me, ’63 (Olimpic 4575)


Playboys (NY Area) as Gene Vito + (The Playboys) – (I’m Just A) Playboy/ I Want You Back Again, ’64 (Blast 214)



Playboys error – Shortnin’ Bread {I}/ Cheater Stomp, ’62 (Catalina 1069) (This is by the Southern California Fabulous Playboys.)

Playboys error – When I Meet A Girl Like You/ I Have Love, ’63 (Seville 135) (This is by the Pageboys. Book also lists as Pageboys.)


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