Pageants Groups

Pageants as Paul Kirk (Sandy Block Orch w the Pageants) – Long Ago/ Ready Little Steady, ’59 (Urania 5006) (Label scans were found as ‘Urania.’)



Pageants (ref Johnny Aladdin) – Happy Together/ Why Did You Go, ’60 (Goldisc 3013)

(Book listed in error under Pageants (fb Tony Dee).  The two Pageants groups are not similar musically or vocally.)


Pageants as Johnny Aladdin – Happy Together/ Why Did You Go, ’60 (Chip 1001) (Group is uncredited.  Book listed BB as Passions.)



Pageants (Hollywood) (ft Gary Paxton) – We Belong Together/ Theme From Sleeping Moondog, ’61 (Paxley 753) (Scans found.)



Pageants (Newark NJ) (Tony Dee & The) – Saturday Romance (2:41)/ Make You My Queen (2:20), ’62 (Du-Well 101)

Pageants (Newark NJ) (Tony Dee & The) – Saturday Romance (2:15)/ Make You My Queen, ’62 (Arlen 731)



Pageants (NYC) (ft Barbara Reeves) – It’s Been So Long, ’63 (Beacon 559) (Book dated 1955.  Other sources date 1961.)

Pageants (NYC) (ft Roy Bronson) – Show Them You Can Dance, ’63 (Beacon 559)


Pageants (NYC)

– She Is Your Girl/ Make It Last, ’65 (Groove 0056) (Writing credits are Le Roy Bronson who was a member of the Beacon group.)

– I’m A Victim/ Are You Ever Coming Home, ’65 (RCA 8601) (Again writing credit is LeRoy Bronson.)



Pageants (Club Group) – Tender Love (Club-Unreleased) (The title appears on various comps of Club artists.)


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