Pyramids Groups

Pyramids (Los Angeles) – Deep In My Heart For You/ And I Need You, ’55 (Federal 12233) (gm: Sidney Correla, Joe Dandy, Lionel Cobbs, Melvin White, Kenneth Perdue & Tom Williams.)


Pyramids (Hollywood) (w Fletcher Smiths Band) – Someday/ Bow Wow, ’55 (Hollywood Records 1047 & ‘C’ Note 1206, ’56)

Book listed the Hollywood and Federal Pyramids as the same group.



Pyramids (New Haven)

– At Any Cost/ Okay Baby!, ’56 (Davis 453)

– Why Did You Go/ Before It’s Too Late, ’57 (Davis 457)


Pyramids (New Haven) (Ruby Whitaker & The) – I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire/ I Get The Feeling, ’57 (Mark-X 7007)



Pyramids (Brooklyn) – Ankle Bracelet/ Hot Dog Dooly Wah, ’58 (Shell 711)

Pyramids (Brooklyn) as Original Pyramids – Ankle Bracelet/ Hot Dog Dooly Wah, ’61 (Shell 304)



Pyramids (Florida) – Long Long Time/ Oh No You Won’t (Oh Yes You Will), ’59 (RCA 7556)



Pyramids (Nashville) (Dave White & The) – 24 Hours/ Write My Name, ’60 (Pink 705)



Doug And Freddy & ‘The Pyramids’ – Take A Chance On Love/ I Know You’re Lyin’ (But Say It Again), ’61 (Finer Arts 1001)



Pyramids (Detroit) (ref Vernon Williams)

– Cryin’/ I’m The Playboy, ’62 (Cub 9112)

– Shakin’ Fit/ What Is Love, ’63 (Vee Jay 489)



Pyramids (Long Beach CA)

– Penetration {I}/ Here Comes Marsha, ’63 (Best 102)

– Here Comes Marsha/ Penetration {I}, ’63 (Best 102) (This pressing reversed the sides.)

– Penetration {I}/ Here Comes Marsha, ’64 (Best 13002)

(Willie Glover-Vocals) on ‘Here Comes Marsha’ is uncredited on label.



Pyramids (Texas) (Little Richard Moreland & The) – Bells In My Heart/ Mailman Blues, ’65 (Picture 7722) (A ‘Bells In My Heart’ #7722 (repo) scan also found as Richard Moreland & The Pyramids.)


as Richie Moreland – Bells In My Heart/ Mailman Blues, ’65 (Imperial 66105)


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