Pretenders Groups

Pretenders (NY)

– Close Your Eyes (Sleep And Dream)/ Part Time Sweetheart, ’55 (Whirlin Disc 106 & Port 70040, ’61) (Book also listed Port release under Jimmy Jones.)

– Possessive Love/ I’ve Got To Have You Baby, ’56 (Rama 198)

– Lover/ Plain Old Love, ’56 (Rama 207 & Rama 210)

– Blue And Lonely/ Daddy Needs Baby, ’57 (Central 2605, Apt 25026, ’59 & ABC 10094, ’60) (Label scans have various combinations of Jimmy Jones/Pretenders.)


Pretenders (NY) (Jimmie [sic] Jones & The) – Tonight/ I Love You So, ’57 (Holiday 2610)


Pretenders (NY) error – Pennies From Heaven (A Capella), ’65 (Relic LP 101-Side A08) (While the book lists this title as part of the Pretenders (NY) group, it is likely it does not belong.  The title does not appear on other Pretender group discographies either.  At present, credit for the group is posted as Pretenders (Unknown Relic Group))



Pretenders (Unknown Relic Group) – Pennies From Heaven (A Capella), ’65 (Relic LP 101-Side A08)



Pretenders (New York-White Group)

– I’m So Happy/ Smile, ’61 (Power-Martin 1001 & Relic 1004, ’65)

– Could This Be Magic, ’76 (Power-Martin 1005) (Book lists flip as Stormy Weather by the Earls on Rome 111.  Both labels are Johnny Power/Trade Martin connected.)

– Could This Be Magic/ A Very Precious Love, ’76 (Power-Martin 1006/1007)

– The Seven Teens (Previously Unissued), ’80 (Clifton 46) (One source believes sides recorded in 1961 for Power-Martin label.  B-side is also titled The Seven Teens and by Johnny (Power) & The Jokers.)



Pretenders (Bethlehem Group) – The Day You Are Mine/ Ding Dong Bells, ’62 (Bethlehem 3050)


Pretenders (Manhattan) (Linda & The) – Believe Me/ It’s Not My Will, ’63 (Assault 1879-1880) (Produced and arranged by Eddie Singleton.



Pretenders (Hollywood CA) (James Moore & The) – To Be Loved (Forever), ’64 (Tishman 905) (see the update at ( for more information on James Moore.)

Pretenders (Hollywood CA) as James Moore – A Man Should Never Cry, ’64 (Tishman 905)


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