Premiers Groups + Premeres

Premiers (LA)

– Baby/ New Moon, ’56 (Dig 106)

– Have A Heart/ My Darling, ’56 (Dig 113)

– Your Kiss, ’57 (Dig 141-Unreleased)

– Red Sails In The Sunset, ’57 (Dig 141-Unreleased & Relic LP 5052 (A2), ’85)

– My Darling, ’85 (Relic LP 5052 (B3))

– Baby, ’85 (Relic LP 5052 (B9))


Premiers (Julie Stevens & The) – Blue Mood/ Crazy Bells, ’56 (Dig 115 & Eldo 107, ’60)

  • No information was found for the book’s listing on:  Dice 115.


Premiers (LA-Uncredited) backing Julie Stephens (Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Take My Heart/ I Don’t Want To Know, ’57 (Dig 129)

  • Book also listed under Julie Stevens.


Premiers (Chicago) (John McKinney & The) – Angels In The Sky/ Gee (How I Love You), ’56 (Mad 1009)


Premiers (NY-Gone Label) – Is It A Dream/ Valerie, ’57 (Gone 5009)

  • Writing credits: Robert Lucas/ Tennis Tinn.


Premiers (Detroit) – When You Are In Love/ The Trap Of Love, ’57 (Fortune 527)

  • Group members listed on label: Joe Carter, Alice McLeod, George Bohannon & Jesse Carter.


Premiers (RCA Group) (w Sonny) – Hey Miss Fancy, ’57 (RCA 6958)

Premiers (RCA Group) (w Leroy)  Run Along Baby, ’57 (RCA 6958)

Premiers (RCA Group) (w Leroy)  Run Along Baby (Coast 102-bootleg)

  • Other information indicates these Coast bootlegs are from the mid 1980s.
  • See comment for A-side flip link.
  • A scan for the B-side flip, ‘I’m So Sad’ by Jimmy Dockett is @


Premiers (New Jersey) – Hop And Skip/ Uh-Huh, ’58 (Bond 5803-5804)


Premiers (Cindy Group) – China Doll/ Life Is Grand, ’58 (Cindy 3008)

  • No scans found.
  • No info on group.


Premiers & The Invictas (F-M) – Do It (1:40)/ Magic Of Love/ Do It, ’59 (F-M 677)

  • A comment @ by Glen Fisher states: “The Invictas were..Charlie Sotiropoulos on the organ, Billy theoroux on drums, Ken Demers on Bass and Jim Maynard on guitar..In the late 60’s we changed our line-up  and name to Invictus..Frankie Hill, Charlie Sot. on the B-3..Turk Turconi on Bass, and Billy Theroux on drums.


Premiers (Mink & Best)

Angel Love/ False Love, ’59 (Best 1004)

  • Writing credits: Baratta-Salm Tella (sp)/ Caselnova-Epstein (sp?).
  • Book dated as 1962 under Julie Stevens & The Premiers.  All sources say 1959.

– I Think I Love You/ Tonight, ’59 (Mink 021 & Parkway 807, ’60)

  • Writing credits on both sides: Medora-White.


Both Best and Mink are Philadelphia labels.  Old info I had was that they were the same group: Are they?


The following are the Roger Koob related groups.

  • With further personnel changes to the Premiers-Travelers groups, Roger Koob later formed the Frontiers (New Haven) group on Philips & MGM.


Premiers (New Haven) (First Group) (ft Roger Koob) – Linda/ I Needed Love, ’59 (Alert 703)

Premiers (New Haven) (First Group) – Jolene/ Oh Theresa, ’59 (Alert 706)


Premiers (New Haven) (Second Group)

– Pigtails Eyes Are Blue/ I Pray, ’60 (Fury 1029)

– Falling Star/ She Gives Me Fever, ’61 (Rust 5032)


Premiers (New Haven) (Second Group) as Roger & The Travelers – You’re Daddy’s Little Girl/ Just Gotta Be That Way, ’61 (Ember 1079)


Premiers (New Haven) (Second Group) as Roger & The Travellers – To Be My Love/ Smile, ’78 (Crystal Ball 128)


Premiers (Los Angeles) – True Deep Love/ The Red-Light Bandit, ’60 (Doré 547)

  • The First Group of Premiers is Rockabilly Style.
  • Writing credits on both sides: Marty Cooper.


Premiers (Los Angeles)

– Evening Star/ Last Of The Real Smart Guys, ’61 (Doré 603)

– What Makes Little Girls Cry/ She Goes Oonka Chicka, ’61 (Doré 614)

The Second Group of Premiers is Doowop Style.

  • Marty Cooper produced.


Note: These two Premiers groups on Doré are label-named and unconnected to each other.


Prince Joseph’s Premiers – Reverie {I}/ Double Date {I}, ’61 (Clock 1042)

  • Book mixed among other Premiers groups.


Premiers (East Los Angeles) (Ronnie (Montoya) & The) – Sharon/ Cha Cha Rock, ’61 (Highland 1014)

  • Writing credits on both sides:  Montoya-Rodriguez.


Premiers (Baltimore) backing Herb Johnson – Help/ Crying Blues, ’63 (Palm 301)

  • Premiers gm:  Louis Jackson.


Premiers (Arcadia CA Label) – Frantic {I}, ’64 (Sahara 103)

  • The A-side flip, The Beatle Walk’, is by the Phaetons.


Premiers (Greenville MS-Chicago) (ref Eddie Clark) – Speaking Of You/ Funky Monkey (Over-dubbed Vocal Version), ’68 (Odex 1711)

  • The time stamps on both the Odex 1711 and JOB 503 releases are the same.
    • Most sources date JOB 503 as 1971 and say it is the reissue.
      • ‘Speaking Of You’ is the same ‘Vocal’ as the Odex 1711 issue.
      • ‘Funky-Monkey’ is an {I} on JOB 503.


Premiers (Philly Soul) (ref J Kelly) – Lonely Weatherman/ I Won’t Stand In Your Way, ’70 (Mohican 100 & Scepter 12298)


Premeres (ft Artie & Linda) – Laughing On The Outside (Crying On The Inside), ’64 (Chancellor 1147)

Premeres (Artie & Linda With The) – Blueberry Hill, ’64 (Chancellor 1147)

  • Book listed as a Premiers group.


Premieres (Wichita Kansas Group) – Firewater {I}, ’59 (Nu-Phi 701-702 (U-428))

Premieres (Wichita Kansas Group) (Vocal-Bucky Walters) – Younger Than You, ’59 (Nu-Phi 701-702 (U-429))

Book listed as Premiers.


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