Precisions Groups

Precisions (Scranton PA)

– You Can’t Play Games/ Dream On, ’61 (Strand 25038)

– Sweet Dreams/ Stop Leading Me On, ’63 (Debra 1001)


Precisions (Scranton PA) as Palisades – Chapel Bells/ She Can’t Stop Dancing, ’63 (Debra 1003)


Precisions (Scranton PA) as The Magics – Chapel Bells/ She Can’t Stop Dancing, ’63 (Debra 1003)


Tommy Genova (BB The Precisions) (Scranton PA) – What Has Happened To You/ The Lover, ’62 (Bella 606)


Precisions (Scranton PA) as Mike Lanzo & The Blue Counts – (when we met) [sic] At The Fair/ Ghost Town, ’64 (Debra 2006)



Precisions (New York Group) – Cleopatra/ Someone To Watch Over Me, ’62 (Golden Crest 571)

As/, the original Precisions included: Robert Brooks, Alfred Boulding Jr, David Butler, Michael Cancillo & Michael Pellegrino.



Precisions (California) – Eight Reasons Why I Love/ Mama Told Me, ’62 (Highland 300)



Precisions (NY Label) – Brenda/ White Christmas, ’62 (Rayna 1001)

(This group sounds like both the Scranton and New York Group Precisions but not like the California group)



Precisions (Boston) – The Love (I Found In You)/ What Would You Do, ’66 (Wild 903)


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