Plants Groups

Plants (Baltimore)

– Dear I Swear/ It’s You, ’57 (J&S 1602)

– From Me/ My Girl, ’58 (J&S 1617-18)


Note: According to, gms are: George Jackson (lead), Steve McDowell (first tenor), James Lawson (baritone) and Thurmon Thrower (bass).


In error, J&S 1604 is also listed in the book asby the (NY) Plants.  (The titles, ‘Congratulations Honey b/w There Must Be A Reason’ are by Baby Washington (Jan 1957.)


Plants (Unknown Members) – I Searched The Seven Seas/ I Took A Trip Way Over The Sea, ’59 (J&S 248/9)

  • As/ Marv Goldberg’s ‘Plants” article and comments on 45cat, this was a completely different Plants group than on the previous J&S issues.