Plaids Groups

Plaids (NY?)

– Keeper Of My Heart/ I Sing For You, ’56 (Darl 1001)

– Al-Lee-O! Al-Lee-Ay!/ Halfway To Heaven, ’56 (Darl 1003)


Plaids (Hollywood Label)

– Hungry For Your Love/ Chit-Chat, ’58 (Liberty 55167)

– He Stole Flo/ Around The Corner (From My House), ’59 (Era 3002)

  • Writing credits: B Stuart/ S Howard.


Plaids (Nashville Label) – Till The End Of The Dance/ My Pretty Baby, ’58 (Nasco 6011)

  • Writing credits: R South. 



Plaids (Chicago) (Willie Logan & The) – Say That You Care (2:35)/ You Conquored [sic] Me (2:30), ’64 (Jerry-O 103)


Note: “You Conquored [sic] Me’ (2:30) was also issued asby Charles (Plookie) McCline (& Group) on Larry-0 101 b/w She Got Another Man.


Plaids book error – Era 1038 & 1049 labels are the Planets (Los Angeles)

Plaids book error – Nu-Clear 7422 is Planets (Georgia)

Plaids book error – Aljon 1244 is Planets (Luna & The)


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