Planets Groups

Planets (Los Angeles)

– Never Again/ Stand There Mountain, ’57 (Era 1038)

– Be Sure/ Wild Leaves, ’57 (Era 1049)


Note: Group was formerly Rhythm Aces.


Planets (Georgia) (ft Jimmy Waller) – Sharin’ Lockers/ I Need You So, ’58 (Nu-Clear 7422)


Planets (Luna(r) (Corrao) & The) – Once In A Life Time/ Do You Get The Message, ’62 (Aljon 1244/5)

  • Aljon is NY label.
  • Listing error in book as ‘Be Sure’ which is on Era 1049 and features Vince Howard.  See comment for scan title/artist verification. 


Planets (NY) – Mr Moon/ You Are My Sunshine, ’64 (Roulette 4551)


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    • Thanks for the ‘Once In A Lifetime’ youtube link. Do you have a scan for either side of Aljon 1244? Info for this release is scarce.

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