Petites Group(s)

Petites (Origin-Iowa) (According to all biographies, the group recorded 8 songs with all listing the following 8 records (or 16 songs) belonging to this group of Petites.  The Elmor and Cub sound like girl groups.  The Ascot release is more their style.  I did not hear the Troy sides.  Can anyone confirm if they recorded 8 songs or cut 8 records?)


Petites (Origin-Iowa)

Marguerite/ Blessed Are They, ’58 (Spinning 6003)

– Sweetie Pie (And Money Bee)/ Who Kicked The Light Plug Out Of The Socket, ’58 (Spinning 6005)

– Get Your Daddy’s Car Tonight/ Sun Showers, ’60 (Columbia 41662)

– Making Miracles/ A Little Love, ’61 (Columbia 42053)


Who are the group members in the following groups?

Petites (NY Girl Group-ref Seven Arts) – The Beating Of My Heart/ Nobody But You, ’61 (Elmor 304) (These have a girl-group sound and are reported to be a big hit in Pittsburgh.)

Petites (Fort Worth Texas) – Baby Blue Mustang/ Honey, I’m Not Teasing You, ’63 (Troy 1001) (Did the label pick up the Iowa group or is this someone else?)

Petites (NY Girl Group) – I’m Gonna Love Him (Yeah, Yeah)/ Is Thirteen Too Young To Fall In Love, ’64 (Ascot 2166)

Petites (NY Girl Group) – If You Wanna Change The World/ Don’t Go Changing Your Mind, ’67 (Cub 9153)


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