Persians Groups

Persians (Paris & The) – Credit Man/ Don’t Stop Baby, ’61 (AKU 921)


Persians (New York)

– Dance Now/ Tears Of Love, ’62 (RSVP 114)

– Vault Of Memories/ Teardrops Are Falling, ’63 (Goldisc 1003-1004 (Goldisc G-1))

– Let’s Monkey Again/ When You Said Let’s Get Married, ’63 (Goldisc G-17)

– (When You Said) Let’s Get Married/ (Let’s Monkey) At The Party, ’63 (Music World 102)


Persians (RTO Group) – Sunday Kind Of Love, ’73 (RTO 100)

Persians (RTO Group) (ft Ronald Saunders) – When We Get Married, ’73 (RTO 101) 

  • The audio I’ve heard for the RTO sides are slow and draggy.  It might be an rpm problem? that makes it appear so.
  • Who is Ronald Saunders?  Is he connected to another group of Persians?


Persians (NY-Male) – Gee What A Girl/ Love Me Tonight, ’62 (Gold Eagle 1813)


Persians (Philadelphia Girl Group) – Get A Hold Of Yourself/ Steady Kind, ’63 (Pageant 601)


Persians (Detroit) – That Girl Of Mine/ Don’t Let Me Down, ’67 (Sir Rah 501)


Persians (NY-Soul/Funk) – Your Love/ Keep On Moving, ’71 (Capitol 3230)

  • Book dated 1955.