Pentagons Group

Pentagons (Lead Johnny Torrence) – Silly Dilly/ It’s Spring Again, ’58 (Specialty 644)

  • Johnny Torrence left the group after this release.
  • As/ Marv Goldberg’s article on the Jewels: “1958 saw Johnny Torrence as lead of the Pentagons (Kenneth Goodloe, Theodore Goodloe, William James, and Carl McGinnis), another group from San Bernardino.”



– Down At The Beach/ To Be Loved (Forever), ’60 (Fleet International 100 & Donna 1337, ’61)

  • Some B-side Fleet scans are as ‘To Be Loved.’

– For A Love That Is Mine/ I Like The Way You Look (At Me), ’61 (Donna 1344)

– I Wonder (If Your Love Will Ever Belong To Me)/ She’s Mine, ’61 (Jamie 1201)

Forever Yours/ Gonna Wait For You, ’61 (Sutter 100)

  • 1961 may be the recorded date.
  • Some sources date as 1964 which is after the Chesterfields’ recording.

– Until Then/ I’m In Love, ’62 (Jamie 1210 & Caldwell 411)


as Chesterfields (Los Angeles) – A Dream Is But A Dream/ You Walked Away, ’62 (Philips 40060)

  • Writing credits: Ted Ceaphus.
  • Book also listed as Philips 40083 which is by the Creators.
  • Lead Joe C. Jones.