Pelicans Groups

Pelicans (New Orleans)

– Chimes/ Ain’t Gonna Do It, ’54 (Imperial 5307)

– Miss Lucy, ’54 (Imperial-Unreleased & Imperial LP 94005, ’68)

– Down In Mexico, ’54 (Imperial-Unreleased & Imperial LP 94005, ’68)


Pelicans (New Orleans) became Kidds

– Drunk, Drunk, Drunk/ Are You Forgetting Me, ’55 (Imperial 5335)

– You Broke My Heart/ I Won’t Be Back, ’55 (Post 2003)

– Down In Mexico/ Miss Lucy (Post X2010-Bootleg) (This was issued after the Imperial LP 94005 was issued under the Pelicans name.  The original #2010 is for Clifton Chenier.)


Wee Willie Wayne (BB The Kidds (New Orleans)-uncredited) – I Remember/ Travelin’ Mood (No Group), ’55 (Imperial 5355)

Tommy Lampkin (BB The Kidds (New Orleans)-uncredited) – Lover’s Plea/ Eternal Love, ’55 (Imperial 5361)




Pelicans (Detroit) – Aurelia/ White Cliffs Of Dover, ’54 (Parrot 793)



Earl Nelson & The Pelicans (LA) (ref Bobby Day) – I Bow To You/ Oh Gee, Oh Golly, ’57 (Class 209)


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