Parliaments Groups

Deltones (Chicago) as Parlaments – To Be Alone/ My Only Love, ’61 (USA 719)

  • Scans are as Parlaments.
  • Book listed as Parliaments.


Parliaments Groups


Parliaments (Philadelphia) – Don’t Need You Anymore/ Honey, Take Me Home With You, ’58 (Len 101)


Parliaments-uncredited backing Joe VanLOAN [sic] – Forever/ Give Me Your Heart, ’58 (V-Tone 200)

  • Not included in book.


Parliaments (Plainfield NJ)

– Poor Willie/ Party Boys, ’59 (Apt 25036)

– Lonely Island (2:30)/ You Make Me Wanna Cry, ’60 (Flipp 100-101-first version (red))

– Lonely Island (2:22)/ You Make Me Wanna Cry, ’60 (Flipp 100-101-second version (yellow))

– That Was My Girl/ Heart Trouble, ’66 (Golden World 46)

  • Not in book.

– (I Wanna) Testify/ I Can Feel The Ice Melting, ’67 (Revilot 207)

  • Not in book.


Note:  The group also records as Parliament and Funkadelic.


Parliaments (Detroit) (Freddie & The) – Darlene/ That Girl, ’59 (Twirl 1003)


Parliaments (New York NY) (Sammy & The) – No Hard Feelings/ Win Yourself A Lover, ’60 (Arnold 1001)


Parliaments (Huntington WV) – You’re Cute/ I’ll Get You Yet/ You’re Cute, ’63 (Symbol 917)

  • Writing credit: A Himons/ Mel Harris.
  • An audition scan has a 2/18/63 date on it.


Parliaments (Huntington WV)

Sweet Nothin/ Cry No More, ’67 (Cabell 112)

  • Writing Credit: Melvin Harris/ Isaac Banks.

– Getting Ready For The Summer/ This Is My Rainy Day, ’67 (Cabell 115)

  • Writing Credit: Isaac Banks/ Archie Himon.


The Cabell releases were not included in the book.


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    • Thanks for your comment. The Revilot releases were not included in the book. The new Parliaments (Philadelphia) post includes the V-Tone entry.

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