Paramours Groups

Paramours (Los Angeles) (ref Righteous Bros)

– That’s The Way We Love/ Prison Break, ’61 (Smash 1701)

– Cutie Cutie/ Miss Social Climber, ’61 (Smash 1718)

– That’s All I Want Tonight/ There She Goes (She’s Walking Away), ’62 (Moonglow 214)


Penny Roberts (BB The Paramours (Los Angeles)) – I’ll Be Yours/ The Only Way, ’62 (Moonglow 201)



Johnny Fortune & The Paramours (Calif) – My Wandering Love/ I’m Talking About You, ’63 (Park Ave 4905) (No scan for b-side.)

(Sources do not connect this group of Paramours with the Righteous Bros group.)



Paramours (Unknown Group) – Darling Here’s My Heart, ’86 (Ronnie 205) (Flip is When I See Elephants Fly by the Five Crows.)


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