Paramonts & Paramounts Groups

Paramonts Groups


Paramonts (Washington DC) – In A Dream/ Shedding Teardrops, ’63 (Ember 1099)

  • Writing credits: C Otis-B Benton-C Colacrai/ R Fountain-B Thomas.
  • Book listed as Paramounts.


Paramonts (New York) – When I Dream/ Where’s Carolyn Tonight, ’63 (Centaur 103)

  • Writing credits on both sides: Danny Cavouto.
  • Book listed as Paramounts. 


Paramonts (Huntington WV) – Until I Met You/ All I Have To Do Is Wait, ’67 (Cabell 114)

  • Not in book.
  • Writing credits: Faron Young-Hage Jones/ Chuck Howard.


Paramounts Groups


Paramounts (Westcoast) (Robert Baker Lead)

– Take My Heart/ Thunderbird Baby, ’59 (Combo 156)

– Rumba, ’87 (Relic LP 5069 (2-6) (Best Of Combo)


The Bronx Paramounts gms: Milton Delgado, Freddy LaBianca, Jimmy Giatino, Richard Black & Joe Milite.


Ralph De Marco (BB Paramounts-uncredited) – Old Shep/ More Than Riches, ’59 (Guaranteed 202)



– Trying/ Girlfriend, ’60 (Carlton 524)

– Christopher Columbus/ I Know You’ll Be My Love, ’60 (Carlton-unreleased & Fleetwood 1014)


Paramounts – Just To Be With You/ One More For The Road, ’63 (Laurie 3201)

  • Joe Milite, Freddy LaBianca & Richie Black’s Wife, Sue are the Paramounts on Laurie.


Paramounts (Nashville)

– Congratulations/ Why Do You Have To Go, ’61 (Dot 16175)

When You Dance/ You’re Seventeen, ’61 (Dot 16201)


Note: ref Robert Knight.


Paramounts (NYC) as Eddie Saxon (w The Paramounts)

Blues No More/ (No Flip), ’62 (Empress 106)

  • Label scans found show there are no grooves on the flip.

– Blues No More/ If It’s Meant To Be, ’62 (Empress 106)


Paramounts (LA) – Time Will Bring About A Change/ Under Your Spell, ’64 (Magnum 722)

  • A-side title change.  Scans found.


Paramounts (Broadcast) – King Of Love/ Gosh Golly Gee, ’76 (Broadcast 1138)


Paramounts (E. Islip NY)

– Tell Me Why (Lead Vocal-Kenny Demmo)/ Stand By Me (Lead Vocal-Guy Tann), ’82 (Avenue D 7)

– We Belong Together/ It Happened Today, ’85 (Avenue D EP 101 (10A (1-2))

– The Lion Sleeps Tonight/ Pledging My Love, ’85 (Avenue DEP 101 (10 B (1-2))


Gms: Willy Mendez, Kenny Demmo, Guy Tann, Joe Regusa, Larry Gilliam, Kevin Prothro, & Steve Alous.


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    • Good notation about the songs. Makes me wonder if the Paramounts were involved with ‘If It’s Meant To Be’ at all. Thanks for the scan.

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