Palms/Five Palms

Palms (Artie Wilkins & The) – Darling Patricia, ’56 (States 157)

Palms by Artie Wilkins – Please Come Back, ’56 (States 157)



– Dianne, ’56 (States-Unreleased)

– I Knew I Had A Chance, ’56 (States-Unreleased)

– One More Time, ’57 (States-Unreleased)

– Love Is No Thing To Play With, ’57 (States-Unreleased)

– Edna/ Tear Drops, ’57 (United 208)


Palms as Five Palms – Little Girl Of Mine/ Tear Drops, ’57 (States ???)

(Book listed as #163 which was assigned to the Strollers.  Some rumors are that #162 was the issued release but that is by Lucy Smith Singers.  A further listing isas States #165.  No scans were found.  Along with One More Time, the A-side was recorded on February 26/57 with some comps naming it ‘Girl Of Mine’.  Tear Drops was released on United #208.  Label scans are needed to confirm the Five Palms release.)


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