Palisades Groups

Palisades (Pittsburgh) – I Can’t Quit/ Close Your Eyes, ’60 (Calico 113)

  • Writing credits on both sides: Ed Townsend-Bob Dobel.
  • Male group.
  • Later Robbee Records.


Palisades (NY Label) – Dear Joan/ The Shrine, ’60 (Leader 806)

  • Writing credits: Rustigan-Cooper/ Marty Cooper.


Palisades (Hollywood Label) – Hometown Girl/ Oh My Love, ’61 (Doré 609)

  • Writing credits: Marty Cooper/ Maniscalco-Paul.



  • The book listed Carole King as a group member on Leader #806.
  • The writing credits On Leader 806 and Doré 609 link these releases.
    • 45 cat also links these two releases.


Palisades (New Mexico) (Frank Gonzales & The) – Let’s Make Up/ Sweet Surfing Little Girl, ’61 (F-G 1001)


Palisades (New York City) – This Is The Nite/ Relic Rock {I}, ’62 (Medieval 205)

  • Info found says this is an R&B group led by Andy Pate.
  • Some date as 1964.


Cookies (Second Group) as Palisades (Brooklyn-NY) – Make The Night A Little Longer/ Heaven Is Being With You, ’63 (Chairman 4401)

  • Writing credits: Goffin-King-Well/ Goffin-King.
  • Arranged by Carole King.


as Palisades (PA) – Chapel Bells/ She Can’t Stop Dancing, ’63 (Debra 1003)

  • See Precisions Post.


as Magics – Chapel Bells/ She Can’t Stop Dancing, ’63 (Debra 1003)


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