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Pageants as Paul Kirk (Sandy Block Orch w the Pageants) – Long Ago/ Ready Little Steady, ’59 (Urania 5006)

  • Label scans were found as ‘Urania.’


Pageants (NY) (ref Jim Gribble) – Happy Together (2:20)/ Why Did You Go (2:10), ’60 (Goldisc 3013)

  • Scans are by group only.
  • This was the first and only recording made by this group of Pageants.  Tony Dee Was not involved.
    • The book listed under Pageants (fb Tony Dee) and separately from the Johnny Aladdin (BB The Passions) version.


See John Altieri’s comments below  He was a member of the Pageants group.


FYI: Johnny Aladdin (BB Passions) – Happy Together (2.21)/ Why Did You Go (2:14), ’60 (Chip 1001)

  • Group is uncredited.
  • As/ John Altieri’s comment, this is NOT that Pageants.


Pageants (Hollywood) (ft Gary Paxton) – We Belong Together/ Theme From Sleeping Moondog, ’61 (Paxley 753)

  • Scans found.


Pageants (Newark NJ) (Tony Dee & The) – Saturday Romance (2:41)/ Make You My Queen (2:20), ’62 (Du-Well 101)

Pageants (Newark NJ) (Tony Dee & The) – Saturday Romance (2:15)/ Make You My Queen (2:20), ’62 (Arlen 731)


Tony Dee is not involved with the Goldisc recordings.


Pageants (NYC) (ft Barbara Reeves) – It’s Been So Long, ’63 (Beacon 559)

  • Book dated 1955.  Other sources date 1961.

Pageants (NYC) (ft Roy Bronson) – Show Them You Can Dance, ’63 (Beacon 559)


Pageants (NYC)

She Is Your Girl/ Make It Last, ’65 (Groove 0056)

  • Writing credits are Le Roy Bronson who was a member of the Beacon group.

– I’m A Victim/ Are You Ever Coming Home, ’65 (RCA 8601)

  • Again writing credit is LeRoy Bronson.


Pageants (Club Group) – Tender Love/ Burying Ground, ‘63 (Club-Unreleased & Relic LP 5022 (A6 & A7))

  • ‘Tender Love’ credits match the liner notes, the back cover and the disc.
  • The liner notes list ‘The Burying Ground’ asby the Pageants.
    • In error, the back cover and the disc scan give credit to the Relations.


8 thoughts on “Pageants Groups

  1. John Altieri on April 9, 2019 at 9:55 am said: Edit
    Happy together by the pageants on goldisc 3013 was not Johnny Aladdin he recorded it on chip records .the pageants on godisc was a group from New york and was recorded by Jim Gribble .I know because i was one of the group

    • Thank you for straightening out these listings. I’d like to know if the version playing by youtube sources is the Pageants version or the one by Johnny Aladdin? Would you take a listen and comment back to me? Also, was there any involvement in your group by the 1962 Pageants with Tony Dee?

      Your comments are appreciated. Members of groups are often the only source to correct wrong information that has been around for years.

  2. You tube playing the Johnny Aladdin version on chip records goldisc 3013 is group from New York no involvement with Tony Dee and the Pageants.This was the first and only recording we made jim gribble wanted us to take the place of the passions the were going in the army. of course it never worked out. If you hear of any one selling goldisc 3013 happy together/why did you go please let me know. Id love to hear the memories Thank You John Altieri

  3. THE link you gave me showed 3 offers but they were all sold . Thanks so much for the info. If you ever hear of a goldisc 3013 for sale please let me know Thanks again John Altieri

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