Page Boys/Pageboys Groups

Page Boys (NY Label) – Waiting/ This I Give To You, ’57 (Prep 117)

  • Sources say they are unrelated to any other Page Boys group.


Page Boys (Ohio) – Hey Now Baby/ Out To Lunch, ’59 (Tel 1007)


Page Boys (4 Seasons Related) – If Tears Could Speak/ Ole Buttermilk Sky, ’63 (Decca 3105)


Page Boys (Seattle) – Our Love/ Things Are Going To Break Up (Camelot 114)

  • Date might be 1965.

A discography for the Camelot label is @


Pageboys – A Girl Like You/ I Have Love, ’63 (Seville 135)

  • There are also pressings titling the A-side as ‘When I Meet A Girl Like You’ on the newer style Seville label.


4 thoughts on “Page Boys/Pageboys Groups

    • It’s nice to hear from someone who knew the artists. Can you tell me your brother’s name and who else was in the group? Where were they from? These were great songs and deserve proper credit!

      • Brother was Terry Murphy, others were To Redmond and Frank Santora

        Terry Murphy also wrote Lonesome Stranger, B side of JUST COME HOME Hugo and Luigi on RCA

        • Thanks for your comment. I’d like to credit your brother to the correct Play Boys/ Playboys group he was in. More details are needed to do so.

          Hugo and Luigi have a lengthy history. Thanks for sharing this information about Terry’s involvement.

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