Overtones Groups

Overtones (Brooklyn) (Penny & The) – What Made You Forget/ Walking My Baby Back Home, ’58 (Rim 2021)



Overtones (New York) (Tony Rice & The) – Little School Girl/ Bluebird Of Happiness, ’61 (Rae Cox 106)


Overtones (New York) as Tony Rice – My Darling Y-O-U/ I Thank You Baby, ’61 (Action 100)



Overtones (Unknown Group) – I Can’t Fall In Love/ This Old Love Of Mine, ’61 (Slate 3072) (No info found.)



Overtones (NY-Garage Rock)

– Please Let Me Know/ La-La-La-La-La, ’66 (Ajax 173)

– Sally Put Your Red Dress On/ From My Heart, ’66 (Ajax 174)


Overtones (NY-Garage Rock (Vocal L Masi & V Pilla) – Home Type Girl, ’67 (Ajax 175)

Overtones (NY-Garage Rock (Vocal L Masi) –  There’s A Girl Down The Way, ’67 (Ajax 175)


Overtones (NY-Garage Rock) (Vocal V Pilla) – You’re The Only Girl/ I Been There Before, ’67 (Ajax 176) (Scan found for b-side.)


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