Originals (The Other Groups)

Originals (Los Angeles)

– The Whip {I}/ Blue Kat {I}, ’58 (Jackpot 48007)

Anna {I}/ Sleepless Hours, ’59 (Jackpot 48012)

  • B-side is also considered an instrumental even with a few lyrics.


Originals (Los Angeles) (Chuck Rio & The) – Margarita {I}/ C’est La Vie {I}, ’59 (Jackpot 48016)


Originals (LA) (ft Tony Allan [sic])

– Let Me Hear You Say Yeah/ Wishing Star, ’60 (Original Sound 10)

– Little Lonely Girl/ I Still Love You, ’60 (Original Sound 13)


Originals (Muncie Indiana) error – Lend Me Your Ear, ’60 (Poor Boy 110)

  • Group name is Originales.


Originals (Yakima Wash) error – Carless With Love/ I Gotta Know, ’60 (Lo-Lon 101)

  • Label locates as Yakima Wash.  Group name is as Lonnie Nye (w the Silvertones).


as Lonnie-Nye – Lonley [sic] Train/ Way Back When, ’60 (Lo-Lon 102)

  • Label locates as Arcadia Calif.


as Lonnie Nye (w the Originals) – Lonley [sic] Train/ Carless With Love (Lo-Lon 103)

  • The label locates as Caldwell Idaho.


Originals (NY)

– ‘Gimme’ A Little Kiss, Will ‘Ya’ Huh/ At Times Like This, ’61 (Diamond 102)

– Summer School/ You And I, ’62 (Diamond 116)


Originals (San Diego) (Rachel & The) – I’ll Always Remember/ The Sound (David Ponce), ’62 (Nite Star 010)

  • As/45 cat, ‘The Sound’ is by David Ponce.
    • No scan for B-side.


Originals (Texas) (Vocal Ronnie Ellis) – I Can’t Forget, ’66 (Van 04166)

Originals (Texas) (Vocal Larry Weathers & Ronnie Ellis) – Old Enough To Break A Heart, ’66 (Van 04166)


See garagehangover.com/tag/originals/ for more of this groups discography.


Original Drifters as Bill Pinkney & The Originals (NY) – The Masquerade Is Over/ I Found Some Lovin’, ’67 (Veep 1264)

  • Book listed as Originals and Original Drifters.


Originals (A Capella Group)

– Dreams Can Come True/ Dressin’ Up, ’88 (Starlight 64)

– You’ll Never Walk Alone/ I Was Such A Fool, ’90 (Starlight 72)